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Warbringers Sylvanas

Warbringers Sylvanas

Warbringers Sylvanas

Watch this animated short.

If you are a World of Warcraft player, and you haven’t seen this yet, then…I’m guessing you must be away on some kind of Summer vacation…because day-yum. Warbringers Sylvanas is the second of three animated shorts being released currently…

Warbringers Sylvanas, is the second of three animated shorts that Blizzard is releasing in the run up to Battle for Azeroth release. The first one centred on Jaina Proudmoore.

This one, however created a massive backlash on twitter, from a fan base who had been expecting a plot twist, in the whole ‘who burned Teldrassil’ scenario.

So I understand that people were expecting a plot twist.

I also understand that people want some kind of justification for their choice of faction.

Players do not like to see their own faction leader behaving in a way that runs counter to their own values.

What upset me, about some of the backlash, is that prominent WoW community people reacted so instinctively and without much thought (it seems), and rudely towards Blizzard, which directly led to internet trolls personally attacking well known Blizzard employees.

There is no excuse for internet trolls, but I do feel that sometimes prominent WoW community members should remember how far their own voice carries via the internet, and along with great power, comes great responsibility. Yes, I totally just ran with a quote from Spiderman, because there is no greater application than this.

You never have to agree with anything a game developer does, but my god, you can watch how you voice your malcontent.

Now, let me get one thing straight, I have NO problem, with prominent YouTubers/Content Creators in the WoW community expressing an opinion of dismay over some change to the game.

It doesn’t matter if that change pertains to some class ability tuning, or major lore events.

Everyone is free to express their opinion.

My only issue comes with HOW that opinion is expressed.

You can yell from the rooftops about how much you f*cking hate something, and that is just fine by me. I was pretty damn vocal about the announcement during Warlords of Draenor, that flying would cease to be a thing. I get it.

But where I start to take action, is when people start to accuse people who are world leaders in their field about being ‘lazy’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘bad’ at what they do.

That is when I feel the need to step up, and remind people, that while their job at commentating on these events may be  successful, it does NOT mean that they are going to be taken seriously when they attempt to tell the obvious pro’s how to do their jobs.  Sunshine, if you were a better storyteller than the team at Blizzard HQ? My guess is you’d already be working there.

Express Your Opinion Professionally if you want it taken seriously

So express those opinions! But do it with a modicum of respect. Voice your displeasure, but don’t try and break those people down who are at the top of their game. That is just insane.

Note, this is not a personal attack on Bellular, even though I’ve featured his tweets – I’m just using those tweets to illustrate my point on how feedback and opinions are delivered. There were many voices far worse than this on the internet that day.

Ok, rant about manners over!

Let’s look at this amazing piece of work!

It begins as we see the main leaders of the horde approaching the battlefront, where the defeated Night Elves have lost.

Sylvanas talks to a wounded, and dying Nightelf and proceeds to have a flashback to the time before she was a banshee.

Isn’t it glorious to see her as Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner? In her prime before she was struck down and risen by Arthas.

God this makes me want to play through Warcraft III again!! (actually I might do that while I’m somewhat impatiently waiting for the launch of Battle for Azeroth just 9 days from now!!)

She looks up in horror at Arthas, at seeing what he has become, perhaps even knowing that she is experiencing her last moments…’alive‘…

I believe this is the last moment, that Sylvanas had, that was ever rational, and good. Just a few moments later, she is changed forever, and why I believe that Horde players should try to rein in their sense of ‘shock’ that she has done something bad.

She is irreparably changed, forever.

There is Arthas, wielding Frostmourne…

The Banshee Queen is created.

Forever lost to the Qeldorei, forever lost to her sisters Vereesa and Alleria, and now the Queen of the Forsaken, with nothing but revenge on her mind.

I just don’t see how she could (or would) ever come back from this state of evil.

She may have taken on the role of leader of the Forsaken, and taken on the responsibility of securing their future…but when, aside from attacking an abyssal to prevent Varian from being killed early on in the Battle for the Broken Shore, has she ever served anyone other than herself?

Her actions continuously show us that she is too far gone, at least that is how it seems now, to ever be redeemed… (in before Blizzard decide to kill her off, then raise her as lightforged undead).


She yells at Nathanos Blightcaller, as even he, seems surprised by her somewhat drastic action

After speaking with the dying Nightelf, her resolve hardens, and instead of capturing the tree, her eyes widen, as she realises that she can do so much more to drive a stake into the heart of the Alliance early on (and my guess is that her brain is on Azerite right now, and her thinking is murderously clear) – which would clear her path to secure Kalimdor for the Horde to try and monopolize all the Azerite.

She is cold, calculating, and hell bent on raising war machines with which to crush the Alliance…

If not Sylvanas, then Who Else could have burned the Tree?

I had a theory, that it *might* have been Jaina Proudmoore, doing a Pearl Harbour* on her own people, in order to get them riled up against the horde. I wasn’t entirely convinced of it, and I definitely hoped that it was NOT her.

As a player, I wanted it to be Sylvanas. I don’t care that it could be construed as one-dimensional, or obvious.

I needed to have a legitimate reason to rise up and take back Lordaeron (and trash Undercity in the process).



*Pearl Harbour: widely accepted historical fact that the US govt knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbour and chose to delay relaying this knowledge to the base in Hawaii, knowing that it would be devastating enough to spur the people of the US into officially joining World War 2, something they had been hesitant to do, given that the war was not currently ‘on their own shores’.


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