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The Heart of Azeroth and Launch Night

The Heart of Azeroth and Launch Night

The Heart of Azeroth is a neck slot item, given to us by Magni Bronzebeard in which we have to collect Azerite Power.

It’s not suspicious at all, that Magni pops up in our quest logs, telling us that we need to prevent these bad forces from using the Azerite eruptions for their own ends…and then we proceed to stop them, and begin to use the Azerite, for OUR own ends…

Not suspicious at all…

The neck item ‘harnesses’ the power of Azerite, which we then channel into 3 pieces of gear (Helm, Shoulders and Chest).

So basically Azerite Power, is the new Artifact Power. Now with all new traits, and some added confusion, for flavour!

2 Hours Until Launch Night Officially begins:

Our guild gathered in Stormwind 2 hours before launch for an official screenshot.

The formal shot was taken (with a sneaky demon hunter photoshopped in, since he was busy with IRL stuff, and joined us an hour later), and then all hell broke loose…

Gamon vowed to save us, The Dark Portal was reopened, we faced Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion, rainbows were pointed, female taurens flexed, and there were definitely some spontaneous Moonkin appearances…

…and generally everyone went a little nuts…

Once our guild screenshot was taken, we knew we had to head to Silithus for the opening quest.

No Launch Night Ghosts of Expansions Passed

Having experienced crashing zones and servers on previous launch nights, our leveling group felt that it would be risky to be right at Magni at midnight (CET), (that’s 11pm for me here in the UK).

We decided it was safest to portal to Uldum, and fly to the border of Silithus to check and see how much activity there was around Magni.

I’m grateful that Emerald Dream (EU) is a medium population server and that we weren’t at as much risk of crashing as larger EU servers like Draenor and Silvermoon.

It’s also good that we are a predominantly Alliance heavy server, so we began leveling with War Mode ON, but would switch it off at the first sign of trouble…

5 Minutes till Launch:

With a few minutes left to go, none of us were experiencing any world lag, and we felt it was safe to move in closer to the quest NPC.


We hovered airborne, assuming that landing in amongst other excited players would start giving us FPS delays, and we were determined to avoid any kind of performance issues.

Suddenly, unexpectedly (and I checked the count down timer on the World of Warcraft website to be sure), with 3:24 remaining on the clock, myself and 2 others in our leveling group got the first quest!

We were going in to receive our own Heart of Azeroth !

Another member got one a minute or two later. Our final member who had just dinged 110 earlier that day, realised he had some Magni quests to do first (feelsbadman). He caught up with us by the time we were going to our first zone.

My next post will cover some of my favourite things about Battle for Azeroth so far. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments!

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