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Read “Before the Storm” Now

Read Before the Storm Right Now

Yesterday I talked about how we hit the point of 40 Days Until Battle for Azeroth.

I cannot believe it is SO close, and yet it can’t come fast enough.

The perfect time to read Before the Storm is RIGHT NOW.

The story takes place RIGHT NOW. The events of Legion have been wrapped up, and it is the perfect tie-in to the events that will take place during the pre-patch.

I bought Before the Storm, thinking I’d dip into it when I wasn’t engrossed in live World of Warcraft (which is most of the time I’m gaming), but I picked it up the day it arrived, and finished reading it less than 12 hours after it entered my house.

I was hooked, right from the first page.  It is very easy reading, well written, and contains wonderful humour that players will appreciate, as well as some tear-jerking moments…it made me have all the feels you guys!

Seriously, GO AND BUY IT NOW.

Preferably using my Amazon affiliate link, so that I can earn a teensy bit from the sale. Thank you in advance!

Now…go go go go…

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