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Old Soldier Cinematic

Old Soldier Cinematic by Blizzard Entertainment

Well, if Blizzard aren’t trying all kinds of new things eh? Spoiling us with a full blown cinematic at a time we were least expecting it?

Blooming genius move, the timing of this release, after the Warbringers Sylvanas one earlier this week…

Go watch it. Go now!

Some bullet points!

  • I love that it is set as a prequel to the official Battle for Azeroth Cinematic that was released at Blizzcon last year. Blizzard has always been GENIUS with their timing of these things.
  • I love that it features a troll. Zappy Boi! The troll who became the unintentional hero of the official cinematic is back! He now has a bit of backstory!
  • I think it’s hilarious that some idiots think that their whining on social media, forced Blizzard to produce this cinematic, somehow to placate their butt-hurt feelings…yeah kids, THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS

My tweet earlier this week summed up my thoughts pretty well on this smorgasbord of content we are presented with:

Some players were genuinely upset at the smattering of content that this prepatch seemed to hold. Despite the fact that it was explained that it was time-gated weekly.

Hindsight shows how all of this has been meticulously planned for at least 18-24 months, if not longer.

Pre-Patch Quest Content

Do you remember the pre-patch quests for Warlords of Draenor?

Those Blasted Lands quests, that lasted for all of 10 mins, and then there was nothing to do, for the rest of the prepatch, but wait?

Or how about the pre-patch for Legion where we had endless demon invasions to visit, which many an alliance player spent in Westfall, getting some freebie XP for their lowbie Alts?

I like that this prepatch has timegated the quest releases.

It keeps me interested.

It keeps me excited.

It keeps me in an elevated state of hype, in these dwindling down-days before the new expansion.

I’m done with the quests on my alts (and thanks for the free 210 gear on my lowbie alts Blizz), Blizzard flings ‘Before the Storm‘ at me, then the Warbringers Animated Shorts, and…

I sure as heck didn’t expect a full hi-res cinematic 10 days before launch, did you?

Just look at this…this quality…seriously Blizzard, just make a full length motion picture already…please!!


When I see this image…I am compelled to ask…


…and in so doing…I laugh as I’m reminded of that great movie Cool Runnings, when “Yul Brenner” asked Junior, to look in the mirror…because what I see when I look at this Orc, is exactly what “Yul Brenner” says…

So yeah, this morning was crunch time in the EU, with the Siege of Lordaeron going live.

I confess I logged in at about 07:02am GMT, right after the server reset at 08:00 CET.

I was not the only one online!

I’m a sucker for a heartwarming story, thrown in during all this devastation, and when Zappyboi *cough* I mean Zekhan *cough* hands Saurfang his sons necklace back – and they recognise each other as a father without a son, and a son without a father…and ugh. It’s just tear-worthy. Well played Blizzard.

One last glance over Saurfangs…OLD SHOULDER (see what I did there) and they’re off to armor up and face off against the Alliance…

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