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My Thoughts on Blizzcon

My thoughts on Blizzcon, are exactly that. Mine. I welcome any and all opinions and I won’t be suppressing any feels here today.

I looked back over the years that I’ve been keeping this blog, and my first Blizzcon post was in 2013. That’s the first time I bought a virtual ticket. It was the year they announced Warlords of Draenor.

Further Blizzcon posts included 2015 (That Legion Cinematic!), and 2017 (omg that Anduin and Sylvanas cinematic). I’m pretty sure I had virtual tickets for every year except 2014, when Legion was announced at Games com, but the dates don’t matter, only the hype does!

There’s so much to talk about, that putting it all into one blog post, would be futile. 

As most of my virtual ticket time, was spent devouring WoW content, I’m going to focus primarily on that, but I cannot continue without mentioning the one shining, moment, that made all of it worthwhile…

So I will start with that…

What a treat to see Mr Hype himself. 

Honestly, I’m not fussed whether or not Thrall makes a comeback or not, but just to see Mr Metzen there, alive and well, recovered from surgery, and engaging with the community again was wonderful. 

In the following posts, I’ll be covering a number of topics, including;

The Face of Anduin Wrynn“,

“Lost Honor, Another Cinematic hit from Blizzard”, 

“8.2 Nazjatar, and FLYING at last!”

“Warcraft III Remastered”

“Terror of Darkshore – Night Elves get their teeth back”

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