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Adventures in WoW

Adventures in WoW: Uldir

Our raid team have gone 8/8 Normal, 7/8 Heroic and 1/8 Mythic so far. 

I’m super happy with that progress, and glad to report that personal loot has been an amazing improvement for me personally.

Mythic Loots!

Last night I got a Mythic Titanforged Construct Overcharger with a socket (on a bonus roll!), and although it’s considered to be a pretty bad trinket for Beast Mastery Hunters, it still sims* better than what I had equipped.

I know that many others are not feeling so lucky, but I have zero reason to complain.

Mythic+ is another great source for gearing all the slots that aren’t Azerite pieces.

Heroic Loots!

During our heroic run, I got the Bow of Virulent Infection as a personal loot drop, which was a nice 15 ilvl upgrade, (I received the 370 version) but was the heroic recolour, which I absolutely love.

Uldir is the first raid in a long time, where I really like the hunter (mail) transmog set.

Obviously I’d like to have the mythic set, but heroic is definitely my favourite colour version.

*sims: Using They are on patreon! (Show them support here)

Adventures in WoW: The Auction House (I GOT A PONY!)

With the help of an in-game friend, I managed to obtain Goldenmane’s Reins on a high population realm, where the auction house pricing was a lot cheaper than our own realm – and in fact this mount wasn’t even available at the time on our own AH.

Goldenmane is a zone-wide drop in Drustvar – which is BoE and can thus be bought and sold on the AH.

I can’t mindlessly farm for mounts, so I’m really glad I got this gorgeous palomino pony for a good price.

Adventures in WoW: Drustvar

I was flying in to Arom’s Stand in Drustvar to go on a Herbing Run – (we do not at the time of writing have flying yet in BFA) – so this was a flight master mount.

It was one of those moments where my jaw dropped at the beautiful scenery and aurora borealis and I had to screenshot it.

Lastly, you may have noticed from my screenshots, that I have race changed from human to Light-forged Draenei…this is for the simple reason that right now, LF Draenei is the best race for BM Hunters (Alliance side) according to sims*. It has a beautifully overpowered racial ability that helps me to look good on the logs.

Adventures in WoW: The Return of Paragon Mounts

Of course Blizzard went and announced the return of Paragon Mounts less than 24hrs after I race changed (human racial gives a 10% buff to earning reputation with factions).

Out of all the Legion paragon mounts, I only got 3 and I played the entire expansion, I’m not going to tie myself down to being human, just for the increased rep gain, to again rely on RNG for mounts that I want.

Instead I’m going to focus on whatever is best for my class, and just pay homage to RNGeezus for good luck with the paragon caches

If Blizzard reintroduce reputation tokens, I’m going to stack these up, and then ‘use’ them in my Level 3 garrison Trading Post which *also* has a 10% increased rep gain, for those times when the Dark Moon Faire isn’t up (which also provides a 10% buff) – and before you ask, NO, they DO NOT stack.

How are you all finding the expansion so far? Are you happy? Sad? Mad? Leave a comment!

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