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40 Days Until Battle for Azeroth

Today marks 40 days until Battle for Azeroth goes live!

There is something quite bizarre afoot it seems…

England is enjoying unseasonably great weather, to the point where it’s almost unbearable…

The national football (soccer) team isn’t sucking at the Fifa World Cup (actually earning their spot in the quarter finals after a nail biting penalty shootout against Columbia). Don’t worry, this isn’t about to become a boring football post, I’m just documenting it for current events and posterity!

I’m sat in a coffee shop with a chai latte and a rather decadent chocolate brownie (cheat day!) and pondering all the things I still need to do as we mark 40 days until Battle for Azeroth.

40 days until battle for azeroth

There are a lot of tweets out there right now, with people proudly holding aloft all 36 Mage Tower artifact appearances… and if truth be told, I’m a little envious.

The thing that prevents me from doing the Mage Tower is because I’m a hunter main, and neither of the Beast Mastery or Marksmanship options are even remotely interesting to me. I also can’t fathom why the Marksmanship bow appearances are being locked to Marksmanship, considering that Beast Mastery Hunters can also equip bows. I’m just a little bit cross about that. 

I’d be more inclined to grind out some of the Mage and Druid artifact appearances since they’re truly unique and at the risk of sounding girly, really freaking pretty.

Sadly though, because of the grindy nature of the artifact system, I have not invested the time required to give my alts the gear to simply pop into the mage tower and rofl-stomp the scenario…and careful planning has never been much fun for me when there is a steamrolling option!

Also, I have to consider that the likelihood that I ever main an Arcane Mage (for example) is extremely slim, so would the effort of gearing, prepping and stressing be worth an appearance that barely sees the light of day?  Arggghhh!! Tough decision.  There’s a good chance I feel the urge and give it a serious bash…time will tell!!

Yes, I’m aware at the time of publishing this, that it’s now no longer 40 days until Battle for Azeroth, but rather 39. What can I say, I forgot to publish yesterday!

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