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Submit Suggestions to Blizzard

Did you know there is an option to submit suggestions to Blizzard, through the World of Warcraft interface?

It’s right here! First click on the help button, at the top of this menu (which you access by hitting Escape, while in-game).

Game Menu

help menu submit suggestions

Then you see the following menu below: (select Submit Suggestion from the left hand menu to see the screen that is shown).

Help Menu

submit suggestions to blizzard

Whenever I have had a lightbulb moment, I submit my ideas as clearly as I can.

I have never for one moment thought that if I made a suggestion, they would all go – oh my god – that’s amazing, and immediately introduce it.

I thought that if I made a suggestion, that was being made by a few other players as well, that if enough of us made the same suggestion, Blizzard might feel that a feature is worth exploring for viability.

I’m not sure what their internal structure is for dealing with suggestions, but this is more constructive way to request a feature, than raging on a forum, where it will be inevitably buried by a thousand trolls who are probably unsubbed but still enjoy trolling and poo-poohing every suggestion made.

Submit Suggestions to Blizzard – Some of Mine

My suggestions have included the “Get off at next flight point” option that was introduced fairly recently. (I’m sure many others suggested this too).

Another suggestion I made, was for an IRL* theme park.  A place where different areas could depict different areas of the game.

Then at Blizzcon this past weekend, Jeff Kaplan did this…

The video below was made my Panser, one of my favourite YouTube/Warcraft people – and I’m posting her video, instead of the official Overwatch Blizzard World one, because my reaction was 100% the same – although unlike Panser I took a little longer to twig that he was talking about a map, and not an actual IRL* theme park. Blizz, if you’re reading…WTB IRL Theme Park please!


What did you guys think of the new map? Can’t wait? Would you like to see an IRL theme park? Submit suggestions to Blizzard!

Let me know in the comments below – and please share this post if you enjoyed it.

*IRL: In Real Life

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