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Should You Re-Sub to World of Warcraft?

Should you re-sub to World of Warcraft?

Yes…yes…a thousand times yes. (Name that movie).

Frankly I’m not sure why people ever unsub, but they do, and I’m just standing up to say – that now is as good a time than ever to join in the fun.

Here’s why:

Alliance vs Horde has been given a shot in the arm. Collaboration has failed, and both sides are in open war.

So after all the hand-holding and kumbai-ya singing around the Fel-campfire what happened?

Hold onto your silkweave leggings because you need to see this:

So – the horde have burned down Teldrassil, and the Alliance are invading Lordaeron, BUT we don’t know the timeline, or which event happens first (yet).
My personal opinion is that the Alliance have gone on the offensive first, for three reasons (I’m no lore buff, but these are just my thoughts):

1.  Lordaeron

Before Lordaeron fell to the scourge, and Undercity spawned in its sewers, it was a human stronghold, which sheltered human refugees from Stormwind after the first war. It’s proximity to Gilneas also cannot be ignored. With Greymane as Anduin’s adviser, he could be using his position of influence to manipulate Anduin to step up and fill his Fathers shoes by going on the offensive and taking it back. (More on this in my next post).


2.  Theramore

The horde have already gone a step too far (back in Mists of Pandaria) when they obliterated Theramore. Humans, and especially Jaina Proudmoore do not forget.


3.  The Broken Shore

The Alliance believe (somewhat mistakenly, although that’s not their fault), that the Horde purposefully drew back when Varian was cornered on the broken shore, which led to his death at the hand of Gul’dan. It’s only when you play the horde side, you see why they withdrew, but nonetheless it happened.

king varian wrynn

All of these facts, make it likely that the Alliance are the aggressors (albeit with three reasons) who start (continue) the war. Should you re-sub to World of Warcraft? If you care about your faction, then yes, you absolutely should.

Updated to add: It turns out that Blizzard have confirmed that Teldrassil is attacked first…those pesky goodfernothin’ hordes eh?

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