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Legion Reasons

Legion Reasons

Legion Reasons

Let’s call it that shall we?

The World of Warcraft Expansion ‘Legion’ was released 30th August 2016, and my most recent post (since this one) was back in October 2016.

I blame Legion.

I can’t say the blog content was a veritable deluge for the 3-6 months prior to that either, and for that I blame Overwatch.

‘Severely entertained’ is my self-diagnosis and excuse for having let my beloved blog sit on the shelf.

But now I find myself with a screenshots folder bursting at the seams and a desire to continue sharing my adventure in game(s)  so I hope you’ll forgive my absence.

(We won’t mention that pesky thing called work which has realistically monopolised the most of my time, since this blog is supposed to be the fun and interesting escape from all that).

Excuses – presented thus:


Overwatch in the down time

There was so much downtime at the end of Warlords of Draenor, that despite the fact that I’ve never been a huge FPS fan, Overwatch thoroughly seduced me with it’s fast paced gameplay, and accessible learning curve.  It was the perfect antidote to spending night after night in bloody Hellfire Citadel…

Blasting off for the Broken Isles

By the end of Warlords, I was more than ready to blast off for Legion.  I was one of the few small voices of calm, who actually enjoyed the garrison aspect of Warlords (convenience is big with me), and although I was ready to say goodbye at the end of WoD, I knew that there are aspects of it that I would miss. Convenient herbs anyone?

The opening bars of the Legion Symphony…


Legion Preparedness

I’ve often written about preparing for new expansions, and this one was no exception.

The main and alt were parked in the Ledgermain Lounge (alongside Roscoe and Rachele), with their bags freshly sorted and ready for leveling.

Little did I know the grind that would follow…and how little my alts would see the light of day, until much later.


Launch Night Experience

Right at the end of Warlords, my current guild decided that they weren’t enjoying trying to maintain a 20 man roster, and would focus on the 5 man Mythic+ content instead, along with occasional normal and heroic raids which were much more forgiving with their flexible sizing options. Not content with just heroic, change was inevitable.

This was why I found myself guild hunting in the dying days of Draenor.

Thankfully I was largely settled at VII on the same server by the time launch night arrived, and much fun was to be had.


Server Stability

Compared to the launch of Warlords, where servers crashed, and we were stuck either IN or OUT of our garrisons for the first few days – with a few patches of playable time inbetween – the launch of Legion went extremely smoothly.

Chatting with others on TS, I could hear how the opening quest was being phased in, as people announced their opening quest had popped. There was at least a 5 minute time difference from the time the first person got it, to the last, so either Blizzard phased them in, or the servers, although strained – managed to stay live by processing them all at a steady, but reduced speed.

So that, is where I have been for the last *cough*few*cough* months.

Looking forward to sharing more great content with you soon.

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