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Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet

Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet

Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet

Did you know that you can tame a hunter pet that matches the hunter class mount?

Once you’ve gotten your first hunter class mount, getting a matching pet is what any self-respecting hunter must do!

The first thing you need to do, is talk to the stable master in your class order hall.

She sells an item called Tome of the Hybrid Beast

This teaches you the spell how to tame feathermanes, which includes hippogrphys, gryphons, owlcats, wolfhawks and wyverns. It is essential if you want your hunter class mount matching pet.

Once you have this – head off to the Eye of Aszhara.

Now – WAIT.

I don’t mean the instance, I mean the actual zone on your map.

Fly there from the Broken Shore (if you have flying, otherwise, enjoy your swim), and make sure you pick up the flight point so you can return, as there are the occasional world quests there.

Got the flight point? Good, now fly towards the southern coast…

To find your hunter class mount matching pet, head to this area on the map…

Now, facing northwards – towards the coast, you are looking for three caves and you should see this…

Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet – Three Variaties

They have a short respawn timer, so if there are other hunters about, don’t rage, just wait and they will respawn without too long a wait.

I went early in the morning (around 8am realm time) and all there were up.

FYI, they will kill you, so just pop a freezing trap, and then use Tame Beast.

For extra hunter street cred, summon one, use your Essence Swapper to change Hati’s appearance to match, then summon another colour as your pet, and mount up on the third.

Wolfhawks, Wolfhawks everywhere!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Thorbartin

    You forgot the part that you have to be BM to do this.

    • Artenesse

      Actually you can tame this pet in any spec, you just have to make sure, that if you are Marksmanship, that you do not have the ‘Lone Wolf’ talent selected.


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