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Heroes of the Storm – Dragons of the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm was always my ‘go-to’ game whenever there was a content drought in World of Warcraft. The last year of Warlords of Draenor would find many a guildie and I firing up some HotS to keep busy, even the ones who swore they’d never play another MOBA* after being burned by League of Legends.

It is familiar because of the cross-over characters. It has an easy format of 5v5.  It is right there on the battle net launcher and has endless replayability.

Then Blizzard released Overwatch, and that has taken up all my spare gaming time.

Blizzard revamped Heroes of the Storm, and added some much appreciated and well received features including loot boxes and the whole MVP rating system. These are great additions to the game.

This past weekend at Blizzcon 2017, Heroes of the Storm was up first to announce the new additions to their game during the opening ceremonies – and they gave us this insanely good animated short entitled “Dragons of the Nexus”. (Seriously Blizzard, NETFLIX SERIES!)

Dragons of the Nexus


After I’d eventually closed my open mouth (there may have even been a little drool) – I thought to myself – can there ever really be enough Dragons? I’ve resolved to try and play a bit more Heroes of the Storm, at least to try out these Dragons when they’re in-game.

If Blizzcon has done anything for me this year – it’s to inspire me to find more hours in the day to enjoy more of their great games.

(Except Hearthstone, because I really can only take so much loss before it becomes very UN-FUN). Hah!

*MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

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