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Blizzard Developers Trolled Us Hard – World of Warcraft Cinematic

Blizzcon 2017 was this past weekend, and they brought the hype!

Whenever there has been an expansion announcement, it has been central to the opening ceremonies.

This time, they played things a little differently.

They trolled us, and boy did they troll us hard.

After Mike Morheim’s opening speech, they handed the baton over to Heroes of the Storm, then Hearthstone, then Overwatch. I was eyeballing the clock, wondering if they were ever going to announce ANYTHING relating to Warcraft – because it seemed as though the bulk of the time had been spent on the other IPs.

FINALLY J. Allen Brack took the stage…and started talking about Ice-cream flavours. Wait…what?

I knew immediately where he was going with this, and my heart fell into the pit of my stomach.

For a few short moments, I honestly thought that the Vanilla related announcement was somehow what they were announcing for the new expansion and I was completely confused, and disappointed.  I don’t have an issue with Vanilla servers existing (if officially sanctioned by Blizzard) – but I was just completely thrown as to the timing of the announcement.

When he finally rolled around to talking about what WAS coming for the new expansion, I was still so bewildered that I could hardly take in what he was saying.  I finally snapped back to reality when he said that instead of making us wait a few months for the official cinematic, they’d be showing us now!

The best World of Warcraft Cinematic I have ever seen

The level of detail, the quality of animation, the influence that the Warcraft Movie has had on the visuals in the cinematic meant that this is one of the most incredible game cinematics, I have ever seen, and imho the best one that Blizzard has ever put out.  Please for the love of Elune, Blizzard, produce a series like this – or make the sequel to the Warcraft movie in THIS style.

What they don’t tell us in the cinematic, is which faction struck first

I mull over the reasons for why people should re-sub to World of Warcraft and enter the conflict, in my last post.

What did this cinematic mean to me? As an alliance player? My sense of loss of Varian, though still felt, is not as keen, and this is why;

Anduin, has finally embraced his powers as a priest, and instead of trying to fill his father’s warrior sabatons, he takes a moment and almost emotionally communicates with his father (Whilst looking at his sword), and tells him, that he knows what to do – and whether it’s forgiveness he asks, or solace that he draws – either way, he comes out on the other side stronger for it.

Anduin is king

He casts Barrier (which I will think about Every Single Time I see someone cast it in game), he raises his soldiers to full strength and turns to face the enemy.

His status as a respected King and leader is cemented by not one but TWO approving looks from no less than Genn Greymane and The Banshee Queen, Sylvanas herself. Watch the cinematic and see for yourself.

Right now, I don’t care who started the most recent conflict, and I cannot wait to wage war for the Alliance. Please share this post, if you too will be joining the fight.

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