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My Plan for Professions in Legion

My Plan for Professions in Legion

Preparing for my professions in Legion, will be quite different to Warlords of Draenor.

professions in Legion

The Gold Queen has written an excellent post on the latest news from Beta, regarding the news that a crafting reagent known as the Blood of Sargeras will be Bind on Pickup. Please read it to be fully prepared.  To summarise, basically, this item will be gathered from herbalism, mining, skinning, fishing and cooking and some world quests. The Bind on Pick Up issue, means that this reagent will be soulbound. 

Now while this isn’t different to things like Spirit of Harmony and Primal Spirit, this does make a problem on a character on which you have two crafting professions. That character will be limited to obtaining this reagent from fishing, cooking and world quests.   If your main character has two crafting professions, I would argue gently that this isn’t an issue, since this is the character on which you are likely to have things like fishing and cooking at max level, and on which you would spend a lot of time doing world quests.

However, if you have alts, which have two crafting professions, which up until WoD you could simply feed materials from other characters, and during WoD you could feed through materials you could gather in your garrison, *this* is where you run into a conundrum.   It seems at the moment that the drops are simply too low for a character who has only crafting professions to have sufficient to be able to craft anything of value, in any decent quantity. Definitely a problem if you are a huge fan of crafting and playing the Auction House. It’s also  a huge problem for people who have spent either HOURS or TONS OF GOLD to collect rare recipes, some of which are no longer available…

As The Gold Queen points out, it’s even worse if you consider that Alchemy will have the ability to transmute and produce the Blood of Sargeras (on daily cooldown), but if your alchemist has herbalism, you are going to have a LOT of the reagent and have nothing to do with it…if it’s soulbound, and you can’t craft with it…it’s basically vendor fodder. Double gatherers will suffer the same problem.

For me personally, it’s a massive stroke of luck. For once, RNG was with me!

I server transferred shortly before 6.0 dropped (the pre-patch for Warlords of Draenor), and I brought with me to my new realm a handful of alts which covered all my profession needs. I did this by juggling around the professions they all had. Although I will definitely swop out 3 professions, it’s not as bad as I originally thought.

By a massive stroke of luck, I have two alchemists, both of whom have a crafting profession as their second profession. Take a look at this table below:

Changes to my Professions in Legion


[su_column size=”1/4″]Character[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]1st Profession[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]2nd Profession[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Legion Changes[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Main[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Skinning[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Leatherworking[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]None[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Druid[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Herbalism[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Mining[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]-Mining +Inscription[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Monk[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Alchemy[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Tailoring[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]None[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Paladin[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Mining[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Blacksmithing[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]None[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Shaman[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Enchanting[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Alchemy[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]None[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Mage[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Inscription[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Tailoring[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]-Inscription +Herbalism[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Hunter[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Engineering[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Leatherworking[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]-Leatherworking +Mining[/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/4″]Priest[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Mining[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Jewelcrafting[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]None[/su_column]


When I heard that the Blood of Sargeras was going to be BoP, my first instinct was to make sure that for my professions in Legion, everyone with double crafting, dropped one, in favour of a gathering profession that matched, and had it not been for the quick thinking of The Gold Queen, and her excellent review on the subject, I would have certainly facepalmed later!

Thankfully, my current scribe, has a reagent bank, and guild bank full of mats that my druid can use to level Inscription, and I’m also kind of grateful that Inscription doesn’t have a million rare recipes that I’d be sorry to lose. It’s an easy decision to swop out.

I’m also grateful that my mage, who will be picking up herbalism, is a mage…this means…teleporting to which ever continent I need to continue leveling herbalism. Easy!

The only really grindy one, will be my hunter-alt, who is my engineer, because you can’t really GOLD your way through Mining, you just have to get out there and do it. I am, however, thankful that I can do a little each day, right there in my garrison.

So, what are your plans for professions in Legion looking like?

Not long to go now…

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