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Professions Swop and Game Update

Professions Swop and Game Update

Last week I talked about how the great Blood of Sargeras Controversy of 2016 was creating an issue for World of Warcraft players who had two crafting professions on one character.

I resolved to re-professionise (totally a word I just made up) 3 of my alts.  Inscription is really one of the easiest professions to level. All you really need for most of it, is herbs, and if you have those stored,  or enough gold to burn through the auction house, then it’s a no-brainer.  I dedicated a chilled out afternoon, to re-leveling Mining on my alt that had Leatherworking and Engineering, and thankfully since it was my ‘back-up’ Leatherworker, I didn’t lose any rare recipes when I unlearned it.

I’m now working on leveling Herbalism on my mage again (she was Inscription/Tailoring), and even though I already have 2 herbalists, you can never have too many. Being a mage I’m just teleporting as close as I can get to the zone where I need to get ‘urbing and off I go.  I’ll take my time with this one, since I have no other leveling plans before Legion hits, so a little each day in the garrison, plus one zone and I’ll be at max professions before Legion hits.

Here’s a random picture that I took (in Valsharah) of the new herb ‘Dreamleaf’.


Speaking of the Beta, I have to AGAIN remind everyone that if you’ve had your music turned off for the last few months (due to having heard it eleventy billion times before), when Legion hits, please do yourselves a favour and remember to turn it back on.  I can honestly say that it is some of THE best WoW music, since Grizzly Hills in Wrath of the Lich King. Do NOT miss out. Questing has never been this well accompanied, and it’s a bit like starring in your own movie.


Something else about Beta, is the fact that every mount in the game is available to you. Sometimes I feel like this is just to taunt those of us who are still farming some of these undroppable drops.


You can never have enough Unicorns though, amiright? Seriously, Aszuna and Valsharah are overrun with them, and it is AMAZING.

In other nerd news, I made this purchase for myself:


It’s a headset stand, for my Hyper X Cloud II headset. I picked red, to match my DX Razer Iron Series that I bought in January.


I didn’t start out as picking red for everything, and somehow it just ended up that way. Oooh and before I forget, I also got these awesome new trainers!



One day I will pluck up the guts to wear these light-up trainers on the school run. These babies can stay a colour (blue, red, white, green, purple), do strobe lighting or even rotate through all the colours.  I have video of them on my feet, but right now I’m about to dash out so I don’t have time to upload it. My minions love them, but the spouse is not amused. Oh well, tough noogies.

If I don’t see you in WoW over the next few weeks, chances are you’ll find me in Overwatch. Happy Gaming All!




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