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Planetbase : The Space Colony Management Game

Planetbase : The Space Colony Management Game

PlanetbasePlanetbase is on sale, on Steam this week, for around a tenner. (Approximately £11).

If building and managing a colony in space is your thing, you MUST try it out.

It’s a very engaging and challenging game.

TLDR…it’s difficult.

Like…so difficult, that I’m failing on the easiest level, optimistically called ‘Accessible’.

Accessible? My fuzzy pandaren butt!

The levels are called: Accessible, Challenging, Overwhelming, and…Suicide.

Here’s the thing, you’re in space, and establishing a colony on a planet, which on accessible, looks like I imagine, like Mars. In fact, more than once I’ve imagined the place populated with little Matt Damons.

Matt Damon The Martian

So you need to get the basics right, and fast.

Oxygen, power, water, food and somewhere to eat, sleep etc.  The timing of everything that you need to do, vs the resources you brought with in your spaceship is so tight, that once my little Matt Damons died mere seconds from their newly constructed airlock, sounding a lot like a World of Warcraft hunters dramatically feigning death.

There are no respawns in Planetbase guys.

The thing that I love?

So there you are, and your colony is running nicely, with a good balance of all of lifes essentials.


Then suddenly the wind doesn’t blow for 3 days, and you run out of stored power.

Or a meteor hits some important life-giving structure.

Or, unless you’re quick on the draw of limiting the amount of inbound colonists, the sheer attraction of your nicely running colony, will mean you’re overwhelmed in days by new arrivals.


I have yet to be attacked by a rival group, but I’m guessing it will happen as soon as I overcome some insane obstacle, just to mess with me.

If you haven’t tried out Planetbase, it’s on sale now, on Steam. GO AND GET IT.

Incidentally, if you were a fan of the old city building games such as Caesar, Pharaoh, Emperor and such, this is very similar, the only difference being…in this game, you can pause it, but don’t dare go ‘afk’ when ‘everything is fine’ because the whole thing can go to hell in a handbasket in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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