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Transmogpocalypse! Making Gold Before Legion

Transmogpocalypse! Making Gold Before Legion

Making Gold before Legion is easier than ever, but be prepared!


Making gold before legion

You can start now

You need to start preparing for the Gold Rush in 7.0 NOW. Blizzard are implementing a much desired, and long awaited feature, namely the Transmog Wardrobe, a feature which will allow you to visually preview your collected transmog sets, create outfits, and really free up a LOT of bag space.

However, right now until 7.0 hits, our bags are filled to the brim with crazy amounts of gear that we’re saving for when that sweet day comes that we’ve ‘learned their appearance’ and they disappear into the wardrobe – ready to be selected when we so choose.

Do you know what’s going to happen when 7.0 hits? A TRANSMOGPOCALYPSE!

Some folks were concerned that the transmog game on the auction house was going to be severely affected, however, I can’t help but see a giant opportunity here, for those of us who are dedicated to our team of alts with maxed out professions.

With all the gear being visible in a wardrobe – that someone might have been unaware of before? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – START YOUR CRAFTING ENGINES!

Create Bag Space Now

So save yourself some bag space, and convert all your stacks of cloth to bolts, unless you’re playing the AH with cloth prices – there’s no need to keep it in un-bolted stacks.

Personally I’m hoarding and bolting every last piece of cloth I can lay my hands on, in preparing for the gold rush in 7.0 and for the Transmogpocalypse that is coming with Legion. Think beyond the obvious and go for the rarer cloths and recipes too, Mooncloth, Felcloth etc. People are l.a.z.y.

Put the materials that those lazy folks need to craft that sweet piece of gear on the auction house – and you can charge what you like, it will sell.

What should you be gathering now?

What should you be farming right now? I’d say, pretty much everything…but specifically – go for: (also – don’t use a 3rd party bot, or you deserve the ban headed your way)

Cloth, Leather, and Ore that can be converted and stored to take up less space, keep your Crystallizeds, Volatiles, Spirits of Harmony, Primal Spirits . Go and get those rare crafting recipes and don’t forget about old school enchanting recipes for the ‘look’.

Be careful with herbs, since Inscription is losing Major Glyphs, but be smart, and don’t ignore them completely since minor glyphs will still be a thing…just focus on what is important on your server.

What else can you do while you’re making gold before Legion?

Now is also a good time, while you’re farming all these legacy items, to complete Faction Reputations and pick up any Tabards or Mounts that you may have missed along the way.

It’s never been easier to spam those sweet gold missions on your character and alts,  and then get out in the world and collect what you need – meaning you’re making gold before Legion, and as soon as 7.0 hits.

If you are just returning to the game after a long break, and need to know how to optimise your garrison and shipyard for maximum gold procurement? I highly recommend this guide by The Gold Queen, it’s really good for getting your set up set up so that it’s almost like auto-pilot.


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