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How to get the Mechanospider Mount for Heroes of the Storm

How to get the Mechanospider Mount for Heroes of the Storm

The Mechanospider Mount was announced last night at the pre-launch event for Heroes of the Storm, and it’s super easy to get!

To get the Mechanospider, you’ll need to visit the TeamBuilder section of the Heroes of the Storm Website and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to:
  2. You will need Facebook to sign in with.
  3. LIKE the Heroes of the Storm Facebook page.
  4. Select 4 friends (you are the 5th team member).
  5. Click the yellow ‘Assemble Team’ button.
  6. Assign traits to each Team Member, this was a fun exercise.
  7. Click the yellow ‘View Results’ button – and see which Heroes match your friends traits that you assigned. ¬†(I was assigned Nova!)
  8. Click the Yellow ‘Claim Reward’ Button.
  9. Sign into and claim your mount!

My mount showed up after I logged out and logged back into the game.

The Mechanospider up close


Here’s a short¬†video showing you the mount in action… I just popped into Training Mode with Lili to see how the mount looks, whilst on the move!

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