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Does World First Matter to YOU?

Does World First Matter to YOU?

World First Progression Raiding

I did a survey today amongst those people I call friends, in World of Warcraft and the topic of my questions, was around the subject of raiding. More specifically on the subject of World Top 10 raiding guilds.  For this discussion, several top guilds were discussed, although some more than others.




I asked my questions initially in guild, but then to other players outside of my guild, across a broad spectrum of age groups to get a broader picture of people’s opinions.

My first question was along the lines of:

Does ‘World First’ Matter to YOU?

Meaning, does the Race to World First in a new raiding tier have any influence on your game? Your enjoyment of the game? Do you follow the race? Do you care at all?

The answers I received varied from:

“Nope. Not at all.”

“Yes, I’m interested to know who has won, but I don’t really care who wins.”


“OMG, I am such a huge fanboy of (insert guild name) and of (insert top raider name) and I visit everyday during a progression race and stay on top of who has killed which bosses etc and follow (insert top raider name) on twitter!”

I also asked:

What would you like to see Top Raiding Guilds doing?

What would you like to see more of? What do they do, that you like? What do you think they should do more of?

Here the answers again, varied from:

“I have no interest whatsover in (insert guild name) and if they disappeared tomorrow, it would make no difference to me.”


“I would like to see more community interaction, more streaming, and perhaps even some gigs where top raiding guilds raise money for charity, if they have a high profile, and a following, they should use it for good.”


“I would like to see more guides for people without ‘world first’ discipline and execution skills!”  (Which I thought was an interesting viewpoint!)

Also, a few people said that it was the People of the Top Raiding Guild that interested them, and that they would like to see more player profiles and real life snippets.

My last question – which got the most responses, even from those people who professed to have no interest in top raiding guilds at all – had great answers for me, and it is clear to me that this is something that ever single player out there, with an interest in raiding, wonders about.

I asked:

What would you ask a World Progression Race Raider, right now?

The number one response was:

“How do you do it? How do you find that intense raiding schedule, real life, relationship balance?”

Other answers went more specific into details such as:

“What has it cost you – financially, personally, health-wise, relationship wise?”

“How hard is it for you to justify this to your friends? Family? Co-workers?”

“How do you carve a life for yourself by gaming?” (This question made the assumption that the raider being asked the question, did not in fact have a day-job, though many of them do)

“Is it the same sort of feeling (not in intensity, but in practice) of being deployed to the military? Do you have to just shut yourself away and forget the outside world and people until the World First Race is done? Then do you just resurface and go on with your life?”

“What are your future plans? Do you hope to be involved in world first progression raiding for as long as possible? Do you have an exit strategy? Do you hope to create a career out of it?”

The conclusion, that I draw from this survey, is that as always, WoW, in all it’s forms, for many players is first and foremost about the people.  Raiding, PVP, general questing and gameplay is either enhanced, or diminished as a result of the people involved.

Our interest in the very best players of this game, while on some level may lie in their guides and videos, we, as a playerbase are more interested in them as people than we are simply in their skills.

If it is indeed people that make this game great, and increase our enjoyment of gameplay, then just imagine how much we could change everyones perspective, mood and day, by simply being kind and helpful players ourselves.

Food for thought on a Wednesday.



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Credits: Screenshot from Paragon.Fi (Mythic High Maul World First)








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