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Weekend WoW Round Up: Not long to go now!

Weekend WoW Round Up: Not long to go now!

Weekend Wow round up and another look at the sheer beauty of Draenor.

Pull up a chair and have a nerdsquee with me.

Apologies for the slightly ham-fisted camera angles etc I wasn’t intending to actually blog this one, but turns out my other ‘footage’ wasn’t saved. Let’s just say that I don’t want to spoil it for you mkay? ­čśë

Aside from that rather bumpy look at what is a ridiculously beautiful zone, I’ve been all about catching up with podcasts this week.

Boy oh boy is there some good stuff out there!

All y’all are so freaking interesting and talented.

This week I particularly liked, and would like to share the two that caught my ear, and that is

Weekend WoW Round Up: Podcasts

The Full Metzen – By The Instance

Which is a pretty candid, and really great interview with Chris Metzen where the podcaster basically just unleashes Metzen and there’s no holding him back, and all this passion and energy and love for what he does and who he is just pours out. It’s really great to hear more from the man we’re accustomed to seeing up on stage in the spotlight.

and  Alternative Chat

generally anything that Alt chat is saying about Garrisons right now. If you’re not sure what to build, whether or not to change your professions, match your professions and buildings then go and read her blog and listen to her podcasts. Everything she’s talking about right now, is extremely relevant if you want to know what you’re doing, before you get there, for┬áleveling in WoD.

Weekend Wow Round Up: Gold Making

Gold making┬ácontinues, despite sales slowing down a little, which I’ve experienced across several realms, but no need to worry, since this is merely the intake of breath while everyone ‘holds their breath’ before the pre-expansion patch hits.

When those stats are squished, and masteries are altered, and suddenly it’s a whole new ball-game -there will be another flurry of activity on the Auction House as people adjust to their new stats by re-gemming, and enchanting differently.

Until then, I’m safeguarding my stash!

Gold StashLook at all the shiny!

gold2Also, in terms of getting ready for a new expansion, and preparing bank alts..I dunno if this one is ready…definitely could use some Royal Satchels on the character itself, and of course one more bank slot wouldn’t hurt…

getting ready for a new expansion┬áLastly, WoWhead have just done a great post on everything we can expect to see when the pre-expansion patch drops…all their posts are generally great, but this one gets the MUST READ badge from me.

Lastly, one more thing…


Warlords of Draenor Launch date


Although of course this American date convention always makes me twitch…since the British date convention would always read 13.11.2014

But still! You guys!! Not long to go now!!

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