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Waiting for WoD: What to do

Waiting for WoD: What to do

In defence of content droughts is a thread on MMO-Champion which caught my eye this morning.

The original post was this:

We are seeing a lot of teeth-gnashing about the probable year+ long wait between SoO and new content, and for good reason. This content drought has happened several times in the past, and each time it leads to extreme burnout, sub loss, and boredom with the game. Subscribers are going to pay a hundred+ dollars just for the privilege of accessing the servers rather than any new content. 

That said, I want to propose a new theory: these content droughts are the inevitable result of ambitious expansion design, and we don’t want to throw that away so readily. Allow me to explain.

If you believe that WoD is taking too long to finish, there are only a limited number of explanations. One is that Blizzard simple isn’t working fast enough. Their staff is “slacking” if you will. This, to anyone who either works in the industry or knows someone who does, is impossible to believe. The people on staff are almost assuredly working insane hours (and have been for months). The video game industry is notorious for having a terrible overwork culture, and Blizzard is no exception. A second possible explanation is horrible mismanagement of resources, which again I think is a difficult pill to swallow. Blizzard has access to the best talent in the industry, and while mistakes will be made anywhere, it’s difficult to believe that Blizzard has demonstrably worse management than other studios. 

I posit instead that the problem is one of ambition rather than effort. Blizzard always has a very ambitious design in each expansion – in addition to huge amounts of new content, they reevaluate old systems to make sure they are still working. They are completely willing to reinvent the wheel with mechanics if they believe it is necessary. They also (typically) apply a level of polish that is beyond anything else in the industry. 

So here’s the rub: if ambition is the cause of content droughts, then having faster expansions will only result in less ambitious expansions. Some people may be okay with this – they may hate how much things change in the game from patch to patch, and they mostly just want a new raid or new daily faction or new pvp map or whatever. But my argument is that the genre is now filled with quality games who have regular updates and interesting content – what it does not have is another game capable of producing expansions with the scope and ambition of WoW. It does not have another development team willing to take big risks and change systems to keep them fresh. And I don’t think we want to throw that away, even if it means killing Garrosh a dozen more times.

It is everything that I have tried so often to voice myself, to that generation of players who are completely incapable (it seems) of waiting for anything.

Part of me really wants to rage against an entire generation for not being able to see the value of a job well done.

A project done to perfection.

How working hard now, will reap the rewards of something…later.

As it is, the generation who are entering WoW now, look at the game superficially, through insta-gratification eyes, and anything less than what they want, in their time frame, is dismissed as ‘bad’, ‘dead’ or in their own vernacular ‘terribad’.

It saddens me to see that people who subscribe to a game, think that how this gives them some kind of say in how and when that game should be developed.

The reality of it is, that they only power that they have comes from either

a) subscribing


b) unsubscribing

…and that there are multitudes of us with foresight to see the good that is coming, the effort that is being put in, and who are willing to be patient to let the developers do the best that they can do, so that we can have the best game possible when it launches.

I for one do not give a rodents posterior about all the whiners who do nothing better than sit on their own gluteus maximii and WHINE.

They tell all and sundry about how they are unsubscribing for (insert random inane reason here), and then trawl all the forums they can find, and tell us all how deluded we all are.

It is to those people that I say this:

By all means unsubscribe and do us all a favour and STFU!

Waiting for WoD: What to do

I’ve come up with three things (outside of raiding) that I want to do, before Warlords of Draenor launches.

I joined the game mid-Cataclysm, and so I missed out on some pretty cool content in my race to get to 85 (and of course subsequently 90).

Now that I have reached my goals of which classes I wanted at max level, my next focus is on increasing my mount pool.

So while I’m waiting for WoD, these are the three factions I’m focussed on, with my obliging ex-main parked in Outland for the purpose.

Sha’tari Skyguard

The Sha’tari Skyguard is a faction hidden in the mountains East of Shattrah, in the Terokkar Forest. Grinding rep with them will earn you access to Nether Ray’s such as the Purple Riding Nether Ray (and other colours).

Go with a max level character and follow this guide to Nether Ray in a day.


The Kurenai can be found in Nagrand, and you’ll need to bring your reputation UP to neutral for the daily quests to appear.  As a reputation grind goes – this one isn’t hard, it’s just time consuming. The easiest way is to obliterate ogres in the area and collecting the Obsidian Warbeads that they drop. Turn in 10 at a time to increase rep. Becoming exalted with the Kurenai will give you access to the Reins of the Cobalt Riding Talbuk and several other versions.


This is one of the (technical term incoming) ‘grindiest grinds’ in the game. But those Netherwing Drakes are totally worth it, they are gorgeous!  The Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake is one example…

Be aware though – that if you’re wanting to grind rep by collecting Netherwing Eggs, this faction grind is extremely popular, and competition is rife.

4am is a good time to farm…also, there are some opening quests that you need to complete first. I recommend that you use this guide: Flying “on Wings of Nether.”


I have parked a maximum level character in Outland while I grind out all three these factions reputations.

Pictures as soon as there is progress!

In summary? If you’re bored, don’t whine, there’s plenty to do!

Screenshot courtesy of

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 15.35.56

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  1. Aska

    Onyx netherwing drake <3 My old fav one before I got the Jeweled Onyx Panther

    • Legolene

      One of my favourite things about the Onyx Panther – is the fact that you ‘grow’ for a second or two after summoning it 🙂


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