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Sha of Pride Heroic

Sha of Pride Heroic

Sha of Pride Heroic went down for my raid team this week. It was a pretty good week for downing bosses to be honest, since we managed to get The Fallen Protectors and Norushen down for the first time this week too. In fact – it was our first look at Norushen, and boom, one-shot later it was done.

fallen protectors heroic




sha of pride heroic

We took a few swings at Galakras, but since everyone was quite tired, we’ve decided to call it for this week, and will be enjoying some alt runs in normal instead until reset day (tomorrow).

As is usually the case – when my blog goes a bit quiet – it’s usually because I’ve found something riveting in the game, and this time has been no exception. My raid team, which we recently rebuilt pretty much from scratch has been finding our feet and progressing at a good pace through normal and subsequently through Heroic, and it finally feels like we are a solid unit as a team.

Sha of Pride Heroic is a really interesting fight – in that it offers a brand new mechanic that doesn’t appear in normal. Something which we jokingly refer to as the pac-man phase – where you are suddenly get ‘banished’ into another phase (similar to the zone in Norushen) but where you are sprinting through a maze – gobbling up golden orbs (that look like Monk Mistweaver orbs except they’re gold) and avoiding the adds – until your team mates have ‘dps-ed’ you out of your banished state (a shadowed version of you remains behind in the other phase – a bit like the ice prison in Thok) and released you back into the ‘real world’.

So naturally so long as you have team mates that heed your call to get you out – and do so quickly – you should be able to survive that phase comfortably.

On our successful attempt at Sha of Pride, I was banished when the boss had less than 1.5 % health – and my thoughtful teammates simply apologised on TS and SACRIFICED my ass to the Sha.

Such lovely peeps. The raid leader (I’m-a-lookin’ at you Lewis) was thoughtful enough to try and placate me with, “Don’t worry Ness, if the trinket drops, it’s yours”…of course it didn’t.

Still, I like the team, so I guess I’ll keep them XD.

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