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Reins of Galakras

Reins of Galakras

The Reins of Galakras is a mount that you earn for completing the achievement Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider. ┬áThis achievement can be earned at flex, normal or heroic level. (After 6.0, I guess it would be normal, heroic and mythic, as flex is being removed as a ‘level’).

reins of galakras

Believe it or not, this is my first ‘proto-drake’… (the style of drake that appears to stand using their wings for support, and then rather amusingly walk/run with their wings pulled up, a bit like a lady would have done in the 1800’s lifting her skirt to avoid dragging it through the mud).

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider contains 14 achievements that you have to complete to earn the Reins of Galakras, but to be fair – I actually earned many of these without even realising I was doing them (the best kinds of achievements in my book!), so when it came time to ‘focus’ on them, I had only 3 left to do with a group of guildies.

Here is one example:

No More Tears (the achievement on Immerseus) was probably the most interesting of these for me.

During Immerseus’s split phase (where he spews out the blobs), we used a combination of a Hunters Ice Trap, followed up with a Binding Shot, followed up by a Priests Void Tendrils, in order to slow/trap the dps blobs (dark ones).

After a short amount of time they transform into Tears of the Vale, which look a bit like the Jade, only darker, and bigger and as soon as they’re transformed you nuke them down.

You only need 10, so you can do 3 or more each split phase to complete the achievement. The achievement only pops up once you’ve zerged Immerseus, so make sure someone counts before you nuke him down for the last time.

Adding the Reins of Galakras to my tally, my Mount Count is now 147…oh it’s so tempting to just buy three more, but that would be very bad for my gold making strategy and savings plans for WoD!


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