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Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD

Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD

Making Gold in the early days of WoD will depend largely on what your goal as a player is.

Phase 1: Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD

To the would-be gold maker I will say this:

Players with any profession, will be able to mine ore, gather herbs and fish from their garrisons BUT these buildings are only available to players from level 92, 94 and 96 respectively.

It is for this reason that I believe that there is a substantial amount of gold to be made very early on, from gathering absolute basic raw materials. This includes, Blackrock Ore, True Iron Ore, all the herbs and fish. Yes, fish. Remember how I said you should level your fishing?

Why will raw materials be so important? Because some players are just lazy. They would rather max their character with awesome gear in an epic race against other guildies – and probably won’t get their garrisons profitable straight away.

There are other gold makers who are intent on being the first to offer the maximum level recipes, and even they too will need raw materials with which to craft all of these.

Screenshot at the Lunarfall Excavation (Mine) with a non-miner character, mining…


Picking herbs…

herb garden

Phase 2: Making Gold in the Early Days of WoD

Once the initial rush in offering basic raw materials has abated (as characters are reaching maximum and the Auction House stabilises) then it is my belief that the best crafted items will be the big sellers.

This stretches across all professions:


At the alchemy lab…

alchemy lab


  • Any of the Epic Gear Recipes early on in the expansion. Non-crafters will pay top dollar for gear before they level their own professions (if they ever do).
  • Soul of the Forge – is a new pet!


Group Food:

Individual Food (the new reforging!)

These meals require the lesser +50 stat foods to create, along with herbs!


Weapon Enchants:

Neck, Cloak and Ring Enchants:

All the enchants have the same name and offer +75 of a secondary stat, and are available for Neck, Cloak and Rings.  Again, the Breath of <stat> ones, may have a brief moment on the AH, but DO NOT over capitalise…

  • Gift of Critical Strike
  • Gift of Haste
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Gift of Multistrike
  • Gift of Versatility
  • The lesser ones are called ‘Breath of <stat>’ they’re not required to create the Gifts, so don’t over capitalise on these. There might be a brief flurry on the AH, but be careful.  You’re probably better off selling the Enchanting Materials required to create the best enchants, if you’re not ready to create the enchants themselves.

At the Enchanters Study, that awesome cauldron allows non-enchanting-profession people the ability to disenchant all their unused gear!

enchanters study


awesome gold add on



Inscription is usually really strong at the start of an expansion thanks to the Cards that you can create that yield Epic Trinkets (collect a set to do this).

These include:

Darkmoon Card of Draenor

The Trinkets you can get are:

Don’t forget all the new glyphs as well – for a more comprehensive look at these, see WoWheads guide to Inscription in Draenor.


Firstly let’s talk gems…I am quite grateful that Blizzard have decided not to go with ‘artistic names’ for things, this time around.

What I mean is, a Crit Gem is a crit gem, it’s not a Smooth Suns Radiance. So when you ask someone to cut something for you, they don’t first have to ask you ‘which one’ that is. Gold star improvement Blizzard!

These are the ‘blue’ versions of gems, and like MoP there is a level of ‘green’ gems that you cut first, although they are not required as ‘ingredients’ to make the greater ones.

Aside from gems, Jewelcrafters can also make Epic Rings and Necks along with two new vanity items, so definitely keep an eye on those, there may be a money making opportunity fairly early on.


TENTS! Yes! Early on in WoD when rested XP will enhance how fast people level, this is one of the most exciting additions I’ve seen to the game yet. Leatherworkers can craft and sell Tents which will allow the user to ‘pitch a tent’ anywhere in Draenor,  and get a stats buff. These specifically named ones below -are  BoA. That’s right Bind on ACCOUNT.



There are a variety of other tents which can be used by both factions be sure to check them out as well.

BAGS! Remember those bags I went recipe grinding for in the Molten Front in Mt Hyjal?

Well finally identically sized/stat bags are available for those profession mats, without being gated behind a major reputation grind. Huzzah!

Behold the new:

Interesting to note that Blizzard have replaced the Magnificent Hide Pack – which was learnable through the Leatherworking daily cooldown, with an identically sized bag, but they haven’t replaced the Luxurious Silk Pouch (36 slot gem bag) – and this is still only available to Tailors who do the Molten Front reputation grind up to and including !Filling The Moonwell.

Aside from all this amazingness, Leatherworking will also yield a range of Epic Capes of ilvl 640 – so yes, they WILL replace your hard-earned Legendary Cape, as well as a range of epic Leather and Mail Armor.

Lastly finally Leatherworking is getting a mount, however it is bound for use to those who have Leatherworking as their profession. This unfortunately slightly lowers it’s gold making potential – but keep an eye on your AH sales anyway – not all Leatherworkers have the time or inclination to craft their own.



Hexweave Bag! 30 Slot regular bag to replace the Royal Satchel.

I’m sure that Tailoring will get more interesting stuff as the expansion goes on, but for right at the start, the Bag will be the biggest gold earner by far, followed by the usual crafted Cloth Gear for Priests, Warlocks and Mages.

Right that’s it for now folks, we have just 3-4 days left now until the Pre-Patch hits on our next reset day! (Tuesday for the US, Wednesday for the EU), so do the last of your prep, read up on your class changes and be ready for some new content!

tycoon gold add on



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