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Mad Science

Mad Science

When we do guild flex runs, it’s become a thing, where some of the raiders in my guild bring alts to test out new theories and strategies when it comes to gear/gemming/spells etc.

Some examples include stacking on Immerseus and not moving out of the Sha puddles for example to see how effectively we can out heal the extra damage.  Another example is not soaking the purple puddles on Malkorok. Stuff like that. This weeks Immerseus attempt saw our top three healers ranking 1,2 and 4 (me!) on for this fight (Immerseus) at this difficulty (flex).

It’s all done in good fun (yes even when two of the other healers attempt to sniper me with well timed stacking during aim on Paragons), and I generally look forward to these mad science runs each week, allowing myself some leeway to test out different talents and builds with each boss, particularly now that I have a bit of heroic gear to play around with.

Here is one of our more humorous attempts at “Science” on Malkorok. ¬†Note, some of the language is NSFW.

This mad science run was one of my first attempts at recording while I was playing, and although I work in a design field, I’m not accustomed to working with video, so this ended up being a nice personal challenge. It’s featured on our guild you tube channel, and if you enjoy it, please feel free to rate it thumbs up and subscribe get all our latest videos.

Also – just to point out that I’ve recently started playing using a Razer Naga 2014 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse and it’s a brilliant piece of kit, but taking some time to get used to it. So normally where I would be fully key/mouse button bound – you will see some clicking in this video as I’m still getting used to using it. I’ll be doing a full review on the Razer Naga 2014 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse soon.


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