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Lunarfall Excavation: Mining without the Mining Profession

Lunarfall Excavation: Mining without the Mining Profession

The Lunarfall Excavation is the fancy name for your Garrisons Mine.

Lunarfall Excavation unlocks at Level 92, with the opening quest (available from the conveniently located NPC outside the mine), called Things are not Goren our way.

Simply proceed to eradicate the hostile npc’s (Lunarfall Goren) from your mine, and finish up with the boss called Stonetooth at the bottom, and voila! Your mine is now mineable.

Yes you can mine nodes from the Lunarfall Excavation, WITHOUT having the mining skill present!

The nodes will be either True Iron Ore, or Blackrock Ore and they will also yield Draenic Stone.  Don’t ditch the stone, because this is the currency that you will use to pay your Mining NPC to produce work orders. Work orders will yield even more ore.

Note: all of this happens WITHOUT the mining skill being active and without a mining pick.

Originally I remember reading in the patch notes that you would be able to mine draenic stone all over Draenor – but this has since disappeared, so it would appear that mining draenic stone outside of the Lunarfall Excavation has reverted to the domain of those with the Mining Profession active.  However, this is beta – so yes – things can still change!

Here’s a look at the Muscle-y Miners that work inside your garrison. I was in there this morning, and this song popped into my head while I was in there, so I thought I’d make a quick video to share.

Enjoy 😉

Here’s a close up of some True Iron Ore for ya.




I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again today – it’s getting close now people!!

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