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Last Minute Things to Do before WoD

Last Minute Things to Do before WoD

There are a couple of last minute things to do before WoD, that I’m going to talk about today.

Maximise your bag space

Go through all your storage things, and be absolutely ruthless. Yes, indeed the bag changes in 6.0.2 have been wonderful, and the addition of the reagent tab in the bank has been very useful, but still, there are transmog pieces and some toys/items that did not make it into the toybox, and just general, random shish, that is taking up bag space.

Every time I’ve copied a character on beta and started leveling, I’m always asking myself….WHY am I keeping THIS and THESE in my bags?

You are going to need the space. Trust me.

Unsure of whether or not you should upgrade your Embersilk Bags (22 slots) to Royal Satchels (28 slots)?

If you can? Do it!

Have a bank alt that is ready to roll and accept any overflow materials, and is fully equipped with 36 slot profession bags, in the bank slots.

Don’t overlook the more niche bags such as the Advanced Refridgeration Unit and the Lure Masters Tackle Box – if my time on beta has taught me anything, it’s that Cooking and Fishing is now officially a thing, and that thing takes some serious bag space.

getting ready for a new expansion

Upgrade your Gear

Now that gear is upgradeable using Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, there is no excuse for not having 4/4 upgraded gear on those last minute (hugely nerfed) Siege of Orgrimmar runs.

The more upgraded your gear – the more gear you can skip over while leveling, which means the more disenchanting materials you have later. This will save you gold in the long run! If you don’t have Enchanting as a profession, and choose not to build the Enchanters Study as one of your small plot buildings – then you can simply sell the gear for gold and move on.

Stuck for where to farm for Lesser Charms? I give you exhibit A.  Look no further than those hard dotting Timeless Isle frogs.

Be sociable, invite those players around you – and fan out – you’ll be picking up 5-10 charms at a time this way. This is definitely a case of ‘the more the merrier’.

Frog CullRead, Read, Read

Read as much as you can about leveling your professions in WoD. Yes, there are catch up mechanics, allowing all those newly boosted 90’s a chance to level their professions from zero skill points to 700.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing if you’re reading this post, you want to get a head start on all the new things, so I would recommend doing any last minute Fishing, Cooking, Profession leveling NOW.

Why deliberately hamstring yourself by taking a lazy view and thinking, ‘meh I’ll do this all in WoD’?  Chances are you’re logging in…wondering what to do – and this is definitely something that you can do now, that will help you later.

enchanters study

Last minute hot gold making deals on the Auction House


Spirits of Harmony,  Gems (while everyone regems their new stats), Exotic Leather (cheap now, expensive later), and of course if you’re a Tailor you should be doing a roaring trade in Bags, as always (or pick them up really cheaply for YOUR alts).

You may be able to flog the odd big ticket item, for people who are coming back to prepare for WoD, with the crafted ilvl 553 legs and belt made by Tailors and Leatherworkers – but given the cost of the outlay – don’t over capitalise unless you have the mats and are willing to shoulder the risk, depending on your server – many may have the attitude that ‘they’ll be getting leveling gear anyway’ and will not want to splurge their gold now. Hopefully there will always be those willing to pay top G for gear better than they currently have.

Update your Add Ons

Update your addons, every.single.time. before you log in.  It seems as though most of the add on developers have caught up with the changes, so it is certainly safer to go back into the water around about now.  I’m still flying around playing catch up with those damn Candy Basket things, so I definitely rejoiced when TomTom made it to the party yesterday with a triumphant return.

Did anyone else notice the new feature with ElvUI? I came back from making myself coffee and found a screensaver with a transparent background (overlay) of my main character dancing for me and doing a sort of ‘panning around the background’ effect while waiting for me.  Kind of a nice touch actually!

Lastly, as always HAVE FUN

Remember that this is a game.

Right now we are in the unique position of having about 2.5 weeks left before launch, many of us are logging in as normal and then going….hmmm….what to do?

So right here I’m going to make a suggestion that I never thought I would, but here goes anyway… log off.

Go and walk around outside, breathe the fresh air, get exercise, go to the movies, meet up with friends.  Give yourself a well deserved wow-cation before the heavy action begins…

Warlords of Draenor Launch date

tycoon gold add on


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