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Raiding 101: How to Find a Raiding Guild

Raiding 101: How to Find a Raiding Guild

Raiding 101: How to Find a Raiding Guild

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How to Find a Raiding Guild

Right now is a very interesting time in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, Beta for Warlords of Draenor is happening – a lot of people have cleared current content – and there is a lot of movement between guilds going on.

If you want to get into raiding, NOW is the time to be looking for a raiding guild to join. There are a few places you can look, but here is where I would start:

1. How to Find a Raiding Guild on

This is a good place to start, if you are currently in a guild that doesn’t raid, and you want to find one that does, or find one that has better progression than your current guild.

When you land on this is how it looks; (without my green additions – that I’ll explain in a second)


The guilds you see on the front page are the top guilds in the world.  If you’re starting out in raiding, I suggest you search for a raiding guild on your server before attempting to join a guild in the top 20 in the world!

Select ‘Guild’ as your search criteria (in the green circle)

Type the name of your realm into the search box (first green arrow)

Use the dropdown box to select EU or US depending on your geographical location (second green arrow)

Press go! (third green arrow)

I’m going to select a realm at random to see what results we get…

how to find a raiding guild

Here is a good example of a fairly well balanced realm with a good selection of both Horde and Alliance guilds.

Immediately you can see which guilds are on which bosses for the current tier – and thus who you should approach about joining.

If you have absolutely no raiding experience, and you want to join a raiding guild, you should at least have completed LFR (looking for raid) of the current content, and since 5.4 and the advent of the flex raid, you should have cleared this in flex difficulty using the in game group finder as well. The group finder has made it possible for even the quietest realms to find other players to group up with.

Now there are a few options here for you to consider.

A guild that has already completed the current content, may be ‘farming it’ and gearing alts. Depending on the guild, they may or may not take guild members along who are interested in raiding.

Don’t expect it, rather ask. If they are not open to the suggestion, accept it with good grace and either keep looking for a guild that is, or instead choose a guild that has not yet completed current progression.

A guild that has not yet completed current progression, may not have done so due to many factors, including inconsistent raiding schedule, roster gaps or a myriad of other reasons. In short – talk to people from a certain guild, and ask how things are going.

Vital things to look for in a raiding guild:

The first thing I look for, when checking out other guilds? Their website.

If they don’t have one, it’s highly likely that they are completely disorganised in general, or just not that serious about raiding consistently over the long term.

If they DO have a website – when last was it updated? Are they currently recruiting? It might be worth popping them an application if you can see recent posts, and especially if they are recruiting your particular class.

Another thing, don’t expect to be offered a raid team spot right away if you have no experience. The long and the short of it is that you will probably need to join a guild as a social member first, giving YOU and THEM the chance to get to know each other.  That way, when they are short of a ‘ranged dps’ one night while raiding, you may just get your chance.

2. How to Find a Raiding Guild on MMO-Champion:

I would only recommend looking for a raiding guild on MMO-Champion if you have some experience with raiding.

Go to the Recruitment Forum that suits you best. They are divided by region, and in some cases language.

For the EU-English Recruitment forums go here.

Guilds will post here when they are looking for specific classes and roles to be filled.

Again, it’s a great way to pick out who has put time and effort into their forum posting to see a guild that is a good fit for you. Most guilds will give you an idea of the the level of player they’re looking for, what time commitments they require, and usually some information about their general demographic in the guild.  This just means that usually they give you some indication if they’re family orientated/older/younger/IRL friends etc.

3. How to Find a Raiding Guild on the World of Warcraft Forums

There is a special forum dedicated to those both looking for a guild, and for guilds looking for players.

The EU Looking for Players PVE forum can be found here.

You can also try creating a post on your own realm forum. Scroll down to the bottom the general forums page to find your realm.

Since cross-realm raiding became a reality, it’s now really easy to approach a guild, and be invited to join them for a ‘try-out’ before you have to fork out wads of cash to pay for a realm transfer, so bear in mind, the raiding guild you seek may well be on another realm.

Good luck in your search to find a raiding guild!

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