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Heroic: The Butcher

Heroic: The Butcher

High Maul opened this week! The first raid of Warlords of Draenor, and my guild on Emerald Dream EU took around 24 players through normal, and on to Heroic this week with a smaller group.

Heroic: The Butcher is quite a tight dps check if you’re geared with Heroic Dungeon gear, and so we had a few really frustrating wipes where he had less than 300k health…

At this point, I was like, ‘Ok, if you’re missing an enchant or a gem, speak now’.

Cue some shuffling around as people turned out their pockets (bags) to see what they could share around with each other and we were set to try again.

On an attempt soon after – I thought to myself – ohmygosh – this might be the one – and I hit my ‘record’ keybinds and I’m glad I did!

After The Butcher on Heroic was down, we went back to normal to take a few swings at Imperator Mar’gok and on the trash preceding him, I suddenly noticed the ogres toes. Such detail!

It seems as though it’s not just the playable races that have had a serious overhaul.

Conversation on Mumble:

Me: Omg, look at their toes!

A guildie: So much to look at in here, and you notice their TOES?

Me: well they are right in my face…




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