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Getting Ready for a New Expansion: Warlords of Draenor

Getting Ready for a New Expansion: Warlords of Draenor

Getting Ready for a New Expansion means starting to prepare now.

Yes that’s right, you can start preparing now.

This is not a post about getting all your characters heroic geared, and equipping them all with heirlooms off Garrosh Hellscream Hc.

This post is about getting yourself organised so that when launch night hits, and that opening quest pops up, you don’t have to find yourself uttering,

“Ugh, wait guys, I need to empty my bags…”

…as you watch all your guild mates fly through the dark portal without you.

Here are a set of steps that you can follow, based on my own setup that will help you in getting ready for a new expansion, in this case Warlords of Draenor.

This might seem simple enough for people who have been playing for ages, but I know if I had seen a list like this during Cataclysm (when I started playing), I would have been a lot more prepared to face the launch of Mists of Pandaria.

There are three major things you will need, based on what I’ve seen of Warlords Beta so far. (Disclaimer: I am not currently in beta myself, but I’m watching others channels and keep up to date with the latest news available).

Three Things You Will Need for Warlords of Draenor

  1. You are going to need storage space
  2. You are going to need maxed out professions
  3. You are going to need GOLD. Lots, and lots, and lots of GOLD. Moolah. Dosh. The G.

Preparation Step: Download the Altoholic add on from Curse.

Never lose an item again! Altoholic is insanely useful, simply hover over an item (e.g. Ghost Iron Ore) and it will tell you which character is holding some, and how many. It keeps track of every characters bags, bank, and all guild banks that you have access to. It will even tell you if a character has something in the mail if they haven’t opened it yet.


Step 1: Create a Bank Alt and/or an Auction House Alt

A mage is a good choice for this – since you can simply portal back to your capital city, to list your auctions, and then hearthstone to wherever your ‘base’ is. For many people this is Shrine.

My mage has her HS set to Half-Hill (The Lazy Turnip), so that I can log in, hearthstone to Half-hill, do my farm at Sunsong Ranch, do my daily Tailoring cooldown right there at the Silken Fields and then simply portal back to Stormwind, and log out next to the mailbox outside the AH.

Step 2: Have your own guild bank or two!

Having your own guild bank provides the obvious benefits of large amounts of storage, and naturally anything you store can’t be ninja’d by someone else, as is often the case in a shared guild bank.

My two guild banks are currently set up as:

a) any legacy materials from previous expansions

b) current expansion materials

Closer to WoD launch, I will simply move the MoP items to the legacy guild bank, and have the fresh empty guild bank ready to receive all those items that I will receive while questing/leveling, so that I don’t make the colossal mistake of deleting cooking materials (for example) that I did in MoP because I didn’t have enough storage space! I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive myself for deleting 300 Pink Turnips….

This brings me to my next issue – storage space ON an actual alt.

Step 3: Use 36 slot profession bags on your bank alt – in the BANK

I always found the profession bags annoying on an alt – because I’d always have more than one type of item in my bag than another – it was only when a friend suggested that I actually equip these bags to the bank alt’s BANK SLOTS, that the lightbulb above my head popped up, and I was like, OMG, that’s GENIUS.

Note: there are currently NO profession specific bags for Alchemy and Tailoring

Step 4: Equip your characters bag slots with the best of these that you can afford:

There are loads of other examples of bags available as drops, and don’t forget Haris Piltons Gigantique Bag (20 Slots) which will give you 10 achievement points if you equip it.

For more details on bags, I recommend this Big Bag Guide from Wowhead.

Now that you’re sorted for storage space, lets talk professions.

Maximise as many professions as you can

There is no escaping the fact that if you have all professions at maximum, you have access to the widest variety of items that you need, items that you can sell, and ultimately if you’re a raider – you save yourself an insane amount of gold by being able to craft things for yourself.

Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor are going to give you access to *some* of the materials for other professions, but at this stage it seems as though having a maximum profession on that char, and the building specialisation in your garrison is going to lead to extra benefits.

Having your professions maximised will save you time.

Example: your herbalism skill is only 400 on Warlords launch day – you can still pick herbs in Draenor – but they will only be fragments for 200 skill points.  10 fragments=1 herb. If your herbalism skill is 600 – you will be picking herbs straight away! This gives you a huge advantage over someone whose skill is lower.

Save your gold, I repeat SAVE YOUR GOLD (and earn it NOW)

We don’t know yet exactly until things for WoD are finalised as to which things will cost gold and which things will make use of some other currency.

My guess is that Garrisons will provide amazing benefits, but that these will come at a HUGE price tag.

Updated: I’m now on beta, and able to confirm that certain blueprints currently cost in excess of 1k gold.

You want to be able to drop 5k gold on a blue print if you need to.

In Mists of Pandaria – when you reached exalted with certain factions, you became eligible to buy mounts from that faction. If you don’t have the gold up front, you’re going to need to go back and buy them later.

Rather have the gold to get the mounts when you can get them.


Remember there is no flying in Draenor, but when they introduce it in 6.1 (or whenever), you can bet your sweet belf behind that it isn’t going to come cheap.

Have gold ready for flying when they decide to release it.

Getting Ready for a New Expansion: Summary

  1. Set up your bank alt and personal guild bank (or two!)
  2. Equip your bank alt with 36 slot profession bags – in the BANK SLOTS
  3. Equip your bank alt with the best bags you can afford – on the character
  4. Equip your main character with the best bags you can afford.
  5. Empty out Void Storage – do you really need those transmog sets? If you haven’t worn it in 6 months – SELL IT!
  6. Maximise your professions
  7. Do your daily cooldowns, work the Auction House, make gold.
  8. Save your gold.
  9. Finish up current progression, get all those unfinished achievements from past expansions sorted.
  10. Take two weeks off work starting on launch day!


Happy preparations everyone!

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