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Galakras Heroic

Galakras Heroic

Galakras Heroic  is really similar to normal, except stuff hits hard. Really hard.

We only had 3 players alive at the end, but hey, a kill is a kill!  We honestly thought it was a wipe at around 10 %, but then everyone (dead) watched in awe as the remaining players reduced her health surprisingly fast and *ding* all the achievements flooded through guild chat, followed by cheers and rather bewildered statements like, ‘omg, we actually did it’.

galakras heroic

As a Mistweaver Monk, previously on this fight, I’ve found best use of Chi Burst and Chi Torpedo as talent choices on normal difficulty level. In fact, it’s the only boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar that I’ve been able to make good use of Chi Torpedo on.   I’m sure that other MW’s particularly in 25 man get more use out of it, but for me, it just hasn’t worked as well.

After a couple of tries on Galakras Heroic, I noticed that the adds we were facing, were staying up way too long and it meant we had to delay shooting the boss down, so I selected Xuen to help out with burst DPS, and his cooldown worked out well so that I was able to use him three times (basically on cooldown), and consequently my healing results were better too, this is due to him churning out huge amounts of Eminence Healing, so I could focus more on Uplifting my Renewing Mist targets.   (I still used Chi Burst to good effect even though we were stacked in 2 groups, by turning 90 degrees on the boss and hitting both groups)

Just goes to show, what I said in Raiding 101: Know your class, that you can never be complacent and you need to keep evaluating on every try, the things you can do to improve on your performance in each encounter. Tomes of the Clear Mind  are awesome, carry at least 2 stacks with you at all times!

Of course, our wipes had their funny moments too, and one of the reasons I love raiding with this team is that we really know how to have fun, and be serious when it’s necessary.

So, here I’d like to showcase for you the SCREENSHOT OF COWARDICE (not be confused with the screenshot of shame), where you can see the three healers having attempted to abandon everyone, and high-tail it for the boat…only to discover the portal doesn’t allow you to escape, and yes, the adds will follow you onto the boat and kill you anyway. So much for gear preservation!

galakras heroic

Another interesting wipe happened, when our one draenei shaman, witnessed the other draenei shaman disappear into the ground (I have this mental image of his little male draenei legs practically wiggling in the air), and the latter shammy, had literally  FALLEN THROUGH THE MAP.

This was his view…


Have you had any fun stuff happen on Galakras Heroic?

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  1. Zionxi

    If all else fails RUN AWAY! Great idea for the screenshots. I have many ‘screenshots of the dumbs’ to post up 🙂


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