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Disenchanting without the Enchanting Profession

Disenchanting without the Enchanting Profession

This morning I was on Warlords of Draenor Beta, after downloading the latest build, and I must say – things are a lot crisper and less buggy than they were two builds ago.

The garrison buildings are all functioning as intended, and this morning I had a go at disenchanting some gear my test hunter no longer needed.

See this video below: (also – how awesome is the music in the garrison? Epic!)

awesome gold add on

Don’t you just love the visuals and sound effects on that? I thought it was really well done on Blizzard’s part.

The bag sorting function is also something I’m really looking forward to, and every time I go back to ‘live’ WoW, I find myself reaching for the ‘sort stuff out’ button, and then remember…still a few weeks to wait for that!

Also…a word on gold making…and saving before Warlords of Draenor

Things were going swimmingly well with my WoD Savings Plan, especially thanks to my awesome addon that I’m still absolutely over the moon about, but then my own impulsiveness put a spanner in the works.

You see, I’d been eyeballing a Vial of the Sands on my local Auction House…it had been listed for the past 3-4 weeks between 75k and 55k…definitely too high a price┬áto tempt me…and then it dropped to 33k.

I was sat, on my sofa, catching up on the iPad with season 5 of Breaking Bad, and checking Auctions with my iPhone and, whether or not it was Walter White’s insane cash stash that messed with my head, or simply my own greed and impulsiveness that got the better of me, I ended up buying the darn thing, and putting a not too big, but not insignificant HOLE in my WoD savings.

It’s not like I needed a 2 man flying mount (Sandstone Drake) anyway, because I already have the Obsidian Nightwing, and there is NO flying in WoD…

Yes, I know that flying mounts will be ‘ground usable’ but argghkk. I just wish sometimes I would stick to my own sage advice! Lesson learned…

After getting the Brewfest Ram today, my mount count is 149…and there is a Mekgineers Chopper going cheap… O.o

On a completely different note, I have spent countless hours around Half-Hill, doing my thing at Sunsong Ranch with 9×90’s and how is it possible that I only noticed this ‘Crane Stance’ Pandaren on the roof over looking where Ben of the Booming Voice is fishing?


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