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World of Warcraft Scenes and Mounts

World of Warcraft Scenes and Mounts

When you use a Mac, your desktop doesn’t function the same way as other operating systems, and generally, there shouldn’t be any documents on there, unless you specifically put them there.

Applications are neatly filed away, with no shortcuts littering the desktop.

When I capture screenshots, I have them saved to my desktop so that I remember to blog them, then once they’re edited and blogged I delete them.

I reached a point today where I no longer had any space on the desktop.

So many cool shots, and so many awesome World of Warcraft Scenes that I want to share on the blog.

world of warcraft scenes

When I took a look at them as a whole I began to notice a trend, and that I have a penchant for screenshotting great looking sky scenes, usually when one of my characters is mounted and flying.

What I want to blog, are more helpful things, interesting things and I’m quite sure you guys don’t want to see all the shots I think are cool.

Unless you do.

And I want a clean desktop.


I made all my “OMG so PRETTY!” shots into a slideshow featuring some of my favourite music, so that a) they’re saved for posterity and b) so I can get 80% of my desktop space back! c) leaving me with a clearer pathway of the things I’ve screenshotted that I wanted to share that are both interesting and helpful, and sometimes humourous. Humorous?

So, here!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Music featured is:

Albinoni (Super 8 Remix) and Albinoni (Above and Beyond Opera Mix) by Rollerball.

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