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World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Time Machine

World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: The Time Machine

Does anyone else remember the remake of the move “The Time Machine ” with Guy Pearce in it? Someone told me yesterday, that “omg that was like 10 years ago already”  – and frobs above, I just checked and it was in fact 11 years ago. (Having a small myocardial infarction at the thought of time passing so quickly)

Anyhoo – I digress.

The movie.

You know how I love picking up on movie references in World of Warcraft right?

Well take a lookey what I found here.


and here’s another one – and for the life of me I can’t remember where I took these screenshots, Kalimdor somewhere, I think. Possibly near Feralas. If anyone out there knows where this is, feel free to leave me a comment so I can update this with the coordinates.



While it doesn’t look exactly the same, it vividly reminded me of the habitats of the people in the far distant future, as depicted in the 2002 version of The Time Machine.

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 12.10.03


Except of course without a blue skinned Jeremy Irons wanting to nibble on everyone’s toes. Anyone else remember the even older version of The Time Machine?

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