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Sunstone Panther

Sunstone Panther

The Sunstone Panther is one of five mounts that can be created by Jewelcrafters in World of Warcraft.

sunstone panther

The following materials (or mats) are required to create:

The Sunstone Panther

Recipe: Design Sunstone Panther must be purchased from the vendor in the Jade Forest at the Arboretum (where the Order of the Cloud Serpent have their faction base), it’s the same Pandaren who sells the Cloud Serpents themselves.

20 Sun’s Radiance

These can either be prospected from Ghost Iron Ore, White/Black Trilium Ore OR transmuted from  regular Sunstone by an Alchemist (transmutation speciality) using Golden Lotus. (Updated to add: Can also be prospected from Kyparite Ore (thanks Aska!)

4 Living Steel

This is also made by an Alchemist by either;

a) transmuting ghost iron bars (10) into Trillium bars (1)

b) using smelted Trillium ore directly (1 white + 1 black = 1 trillium bar when smelted by a miner)

Either way – 6 Trillium Bars are required to transmute 1 Living Steel, and you need 4.

2 Serpent’s Eye

These are created from combining the fragments called Sparkling Shards (10) that remain when you prospect Ghost Iron Ore for gems.

1 Orb of Mystery

There is only one place to get this, and that is from “Big Keech” a goblin NPC who wanders up and down the road from the Golden Pagoda towards the Mogushan Palace in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Note: this is probably the biggest obstacle to most when crafting the Sunstone Panther, because the cost of the Orb of Mystery is 20 000 Gold. Yes, 20K. If you are in a level 24 guild or above, and thus have the guild perk Bartering, then the cost is reduced by 10% to 18 000 gold.

It’s still a *stiff* number to get by, and the reason why this mount should never sell for a copper under at least 30K on the Auction House.

My jewelcrafter Macnessa, my disc priest, managed to finally get the gold together to purchase the Orb of Mystery this week!

sunstone panther

I’m now working on gathering the mats for the Ruby Panther, Jade Panther, Sapphire Panther, and ultimately the Jeweled Onyx Panther.


To create the Jeweled Onyx Panther, you need to have the four colour panthers (PAY ATTENTION NOW) CRAFTED but NOT LEARNED in your bag in order to create it.

You need the recipe: Design: Jeweled Onyx Panther (from San Redscale the vendor I mentioned before), and the four unlearned panthers in your bag to craft it.

This means that I am going to be crafting 8 panthers ulitmately with the 9th being the Jeweled Onyx one, because I want them all.

First, the four colour ones, which I’m going to learn (of which I already have the Sunstone version), then I’m going to craft them again, in order to make the Onyx one.

Many hours of material gathering, and Auction House wrangling ahead for me – just another thing I love about this game! The Economy!

Personal Note:

I love this mount. It actually “runs” in the sky as opposed to sprouting wings and flapping. You are running along the ground, and when you hit space bar, the mount launches forward and then begins to run upwards into the sky. It’s exactly how I would have pictured suddenly taking off whilst out horse riding (in real life) and pretending to be on Pegasus. (Although yes, strictly speaking Pegasus did have wings).

Thank you to the person (or team!) of Blizzard designers and developers who created this set of mounts! They are, to use a rampantly inappropriate description in proportion to their beauty, “totes amazeballs!”(Applauds and whistles appreciatively)

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  1. Aska

    “These can either be prospected from Ghost Iron Ore, White/Black Trilium Ore OR transmuted from regular Sunstone by an Alchemist (transmutation speciality) using Golden Lotus.”

    – You forgot Kyparite, can be prospected from thoose too :>

    • Legolene

      Oooh thanks for that! I forgot about Kyparite!


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