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Sunsong Ranch and Reputation Farming

Sunsong Ranch and Reputation Farming

Sunsong Ranch is hugely important for 2 things, high end materials, and faction reputation gains.

Yesterday I talked about how much I love Sunsong Ranch because of the way you can farm high level materials for relatively low effort input.

Here are some examples of that:


Getting ready to harvest Snakeroot Seeds, which are harvested as Ghost Iron Ore, White Trillium Ore or Black Trillium ore.

Hugely valuable to several professions because the Ghost Iron Ore gets smelted and sent to my Alchemist for transmutation to Trillium, and the creation of Living Steel which is big gold earner for me.

I will usually prospect about one in five stacks of Ghost Iron Ore, just to keep up my stocks of uncut gems so that I have them on hand when people ask me to cut gems on my jewelcrafter. Excess gems are sent to my Alchemist for transmutation to higher level gems, or primal diamonds (another big earner).

Special Seeds used at Sunsong Ranch


Snakeroot Seeds – which harvest as Ghost Iron Ore, Black or White Trillium Ore (smelted and sent to my alchemist for transmutation to living steel)

Enigma Seeds – which harvest as Pandarian herbs including Golden Lotus (both my inscriptioner and alchemist plant these routinely)

Magebulb Seeds – which harvest as Enchanting Materials (I don’t use these much, but enchanters find them useful)

Windshear Cactus Seeds  – which harvest as Windwool Cloth (sent to my tailor for use in creating Silk)

Raptorleaf Seeds – which harvest as Exotic Leather (again I don’t have a leatherworker – but am creating stock for the guild bank on occasion)

Songbell Seeds – which harvest as Motes of Harmony (all my characters will plant this intermittently)

Also – if you’re not at the right level to purchase the bags of seeds yet – you can buy them in individual form fairly early on in your quest to gain reputation with The Tillers. The advantage with buying the bags of course, is that you get to plant four plots at once – greatly reducing the amount of time it takes you to get your farming done first thing after logging in.

There are a couple of other items in there – such as the Spring/Autumn/Winter Blossom seeds. These will give you a tree that you can plant, but there is no discernible use for this other than cosmetic – i.e. while you’re siting outside the AH and feel like having a tree over you for a minute or two. If someone knows of some epically awesome use of these, please let me know.


sunsong ranch

Here my monk (alchemist) is ready to harvest those songbell plants for motes of harmony, and the pandaren herbs behind her. I’ve gotten up to 5 golden lotus in a single harvest before.

Definitely a useful item either to sell for gold, or for use in transmutation (alchemy skill).

Reputation Farming

Yes, it’s a pun, literally!

Once you open all your farming plots – and have taken ownership of Sunsong Ranch from Farmer Yoon, this banner appears…


Now, although you can’t see it in this screenshot – there is actually a quest marker i.e. “!” above the banner – but it disappears as soon as I press alt+z to remove my UI.

These are some farming daily quests where various factions i.e. Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, August Celestials. Each faction request that you plant 8 plots of a particular crop, i.e. Green Cabbage or Carrots etc.


Whatever you plant, you harvest the following day.

As soon as you’re done harvesting – the quest completed marker i.e. “?” appears above the box on the wagon that you see top left in this screenshot above (you can’t see the ? in the shot because of my removed user interface.



Click it to complete the quest and soon the representatives from each faction will come and collect the goods.


Here they come!

In the following shot – I left my user interface (elvui) active so you can see the dialog.


Remember if you already have one character honoured or exalted with a particular faction, and you’ve purchased their ‘grand commendation’ each daily that you complete for each faction will receive DOUBLE REPUTATION. In this screenshot above you can see that at this stage I already had double reputation for the Klaxxi but not yet for the August Celestials.

It really makes a huge difference, and if you’re like me and like the idea of Sunsong Ranch instead of doing endless dailies – this is a huge, HUGE plus. (Thank you Blizzard).

Farming reputation has never quite been this easy!

One of my absolutely favourite perks about Sunsong, happens when you become best friends with Gina Mudclaw.


You get your own mailbox!

This is such a stroke of GENIUS on the part of who ever designed this part of the game and it makes sending crops or special items between my characters SO easy.

Also – you can see in this shot – the chickens on the farm. These are a gift from Old Hillpaw, when you become best friends with him.

The orange tree in the background is a gift from Sho.

When you become best friends with Tina Mudclaw she gives your house a makeover.

Chee Chee gives you sheep, Farmer Fung gives you a large Mushan, Ella gives you a cat, if you’ve completed the lost dog quest, you get a dog, who when you /love it tells you it loves you too.

The farmers journal (which appears when you take ownership of the ranch after Farmer Yoon joins the Tillers Council) allows you to set your Hearthstone there.


There is even a place to cook up your raid tables, so no cooking fire required.


If I had one thing to add to this – to make it even better (and I’m planning a WoW wishlist post of features I’d love to see implemented so this is just a taster), I would really, REALLY like to see some kind of personal storage capacity here, even if it’s only for crops and cooking materials, I really loath having to keep these in my bags, bank, or guild bank.

Remember, if you think farming is a pain in the butt – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, the more you do it, the more reputation you gain with The Tillers, the easier it gets.

Tired of ploughing individual plots?

When you’ve completed the Mossy Boulder Moved quest, you can buy the plough from Gina Mudclaw which makes zipping through four plots at once a cinch.


So, if you haven’t looked at Sunsong Ranch yet, or if you didn’t even know it existed (yes it happens if you didn’t quest through Valley of the Four Winds), then you should absolutely get farming as soon as possible! Money and fortune await those who persevere with it. You will also earn the title “Farmer” at exalted with The Tillers.

Plus, the addition of a little home sweet home never hurt anyone right?


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  1. Cymre

    I thought the perks were a great addition to the Tillers rep grind and I especially liked the quest at the end which leads you into the spider-filled cavern.


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