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Reins of the Azure Riding Crane

Reins of the Azure Riding Crane

So thanks to bringing down copious amounts of Zandalari Warbringers, I finally attained exalted status with the Golden Lotus, earning myself the right to buy the Reins of the Azure Riding Crane.

With that in mind:

I propose that we have a ridiculous mounts contest!

One with a twist!

I would like to see what each of you consider your most ridiculous looking mount and character combination.

Here’s my entry…

Male Pandaren on an Azure Riding Crane. (Remember, you can purchase this mount from the Golden Lotus faction once you are exalted with them in Pandaria).

reins of the azure riding crane

Omg. It’s a huge pandaren, on a crane, with itty bitty sticky legs. Hilarious.

Made worse by the fact that they are both from Pandaria…so some “wise” Pandaren back in the day thought that these cranes would make good riding mounts?


I am serious by the way – I would love to have you email me your screenshots of your most ridiculous looking mount-character combination and I will post them right here on the blog – in a slideshow, set to some equally ridiculous music.

Email me your screenshots by clicking here. I’ll collect your shots and show case them on the blog in a week or so. So start sending! Feel free to send more than one!

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