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Reins of the Albino Drake

Reins of the Albino Drake

The Reins of the Albino Drake is a relatively easy drop to get. All you need are 50 different mounts and it will ding you with an achievement called “Leading the Cavalry” and the Reins of the Albino Drake will appear in your bags, all ready for you to learn.

I have never been someone who has gone out of my way to collect mounts, probably because I hadn’t realised that you get rewarded every so often with one for having a certain number (50,100, 200) etc, and more often than not, I’m saving gold for something else.

But the other day I had a look at my total, and saw that it was at 47, so I quickly added the last two Steeds from the Stormwind Horse Breeder, and bought the Black War Tiger with Honor points from the vendor just around the corner and *DING* I got the Reins of the Albino Drake.

reins of the albino drake


Back in Cataclysm when I first started playing, drakes appeared (to me, the noob) to be rather sought after, so I was really pleased to get the Reins of the Black Drake as my first one, from Chamber of Aspects (which is actually a WOTLK raid). I think that the Albino Drake with it’s brightly coloured wings and turquoise highlights is rather pretty.

Do you have a favourite drake?

If you’re looking to add to your stock of mounts – ask yourself, have you collected every variety of mount from each race? If you haven’t it’s easy to create a character from a particular race, load them with gold and pick up all their race specific mounts quickly. It’s certainly faster than trying to grind rep with your main on another faction. ¬†Once you have all the basic mounts, and their “swift versions” then you can start farming for the fancier ones.

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