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Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal

Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal

A few weeks ago (before being so consumed by WoW that I was neglecting my blog, and then a short trip abroad), my guildies and I did one of the old classic raids, namely the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

This is one of those prime examples of why I’m sorry I didn’t start playing World of Warcraft when was first released. Some of my guildies *have* been around since then, so they’re still very familiar with this older content, and I can honestly say, it was the first time I’d ever laid eyeballs on it.

There is something quite satisfying about whirling through raid content just going pew-pew (for a priest especially!) and seeing all your foes fall before you.

One of the interesting perks of this particular raid, are the battle tanks!

The drop rate was good and soon those of us who were getting our first look at Ahn’qiraj were soon mounted on our very own.

Battle tanks are Ahn’qiraj specific mounts that you get and can only be used within the instance (disappointing!) and they look a bit like zerglings to me, or maybe those scary double mouthed aliens from Alien.

The drop rate was so prolific that I soon had two (the gold and the green) only to then learn that the  red one was in fact the most rare, which our Guildmaster had whipped out and was haring around on in a rather semi-smug fashion. 😛

Less than 10 minutes later, I won the roll on a red qiraji resonating crystal. HAH.

I maintain that my luck in World of Warcraft mount drops is due to my permanently (cough) sunny (cough) disposition in game.

Somebody is always watching 😉


You can get the Wowhead tooltip details on them below:

Red Qiraji Resonating CrystalBlue Qiraji Resonating CrystalGreen Qiraji Resonating CrystalYellow Qiraji Resonating Crystal.

Old raid content is also a complete gold mine when it comes to getting pieces of gear for transmogrification, and in some instances, picking up titles for your characters as well. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more old content in future.

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