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Reasons I play World of Warcraft

Reasons I play World of Warcraft

Yes, I really have just realised one of the big reasons I play World of Warcraft.

Aside from the obvious of course, that it’s a amazing massively multiplayer online role playing game, with millions of fans and subscribers around the world, in a beautifully rendered gaming universe that is better than any game I’ve ever played before…

There I was riding to the Silken Fields in Valley of the Four Winds, to make sure I did my daily production of Imperial Silk.

I was playing my draenei mage who is level 89 (hence why I was riding to Silken Fields and not flying).

I had popped her Orb of the Sindorei earlier – and she was transformed into a Blood Elf in these shots – making her hot new transmog look even sassier if I do say so myself…

Celestial Steed


Then I realised that I tend to only take screenshots from the front, or the back directly, and wanted to try something else…


Gosh look how pretty the night sky is! (Do I say that a lot!?)

Time for some action…




Pretty skies.

Sparkly Ponies.

These are reasons I play World of Warcraft, reasons I find the game so beautiful and interesting an environment to be in.

Have I done any growing up at all since 1987?

Apparently not!

I set the last image in the series of three as my new desktop background, because I like it so much. If you like it too, you are most welcome to download it here.

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