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Dalaran is one of my favourite cities.

For one thing it is a neutral sanctuary where you can’t be ganked to within an inch of your life, and secondly, it contains faction-only zones so while you might share the communal zones for trainers and vendors, you have your own banks, auction houses and taverns depending on which faction you’re playing.

If I had to pick one place where I’d like to hang out with my guildies, Dalaran would be it. The Shrine of the Seven Stars in Pandaria (where we tend to congregate now) is a close second.

It’s just so darn pretty y’all!


The first time I had a character based in the city, doing the surrounding quests, I never realised it was a floating city until the one day I tried to fly there instead of just portaling (it was my mage Legolene that first went there), and couldn’t understand why I could see all the icons of the vendors and trainers on the map, but instead I was running around Crystalsong Forest wondering if I was going mad.


Until I thought to look up!

Clearly I don’t read through my quests properly, or it would have been obvious to me.


So with this, my fourth character installed in the city, and the first time I got to check out the Horde reserved area (without being unceremoniously bounced out by the Sunreavers), I took some screenshots over the city, on my flying carpet.


Then something twigged.

I tend to use particular mounts for particular areas. My Disc of the Red Flying Cloud in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and generally elsewhere in Pandaria, along with my Reins of the Dark Phoenix.

My Obsidian Nightwing, or Vitreous Stone Drake around Eastern Kingdoms, but always my flying carpet in Dalaran….why?

Oh dear lord.



Another case of predetermined brain selectioning (it’s a thing) based on deja vu. Or something.

But this raises an *interesting* question that I would LOVE to know the answer to, or at least Blizzard Developers out there listening…here’s a suggestion for you.

Tailoring currently allows the user to create two flying mounts, the Flying Carpet and the Magnificent Flying Carpet.

With little to no difference (except cosmetic) between them, why not make the Maginificent Flying Carpet a 3 person mount similar to the Mammoth that is currently available on the ground?

Totally awesome idea!

It’s a whole new world.

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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. Samaramon

    What an awesome post! Dalaran was my favorite city even before it was accessible (dat WC cutscene). I love all the secrets it hides, all the Easter eggs, all the fun items that are sold…Just awesome place and stiff my HS for most of my chars 🙂

    • Legolene

      Hey Samaramon – thanks for your comment – one thing I forgot to mention is how much I like the look of the guild bank in Dalaran – inside the main bank – like looking in an aquarium, but full of delicious loot.

  2. alida

    Dalaran is still my favourite city. Pandaria in general is beautiful but I love Dalaran more … if I could live there IRL I probably would 🙂

    • Legolene

      Live in a beautiful floating city in real life? Hell yes! Although I think my own personal chambers should probably look a bit like The Vortex Pinnacle 🙂


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