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Catch and Carry

Catch and Carry

Catch and Carry is part of the questline that leads you to the creation of Noodle Carts!

Zionxi and I took some time out from coin farming on the Timeless Isle to follow the quest line to create Noodle Carts of which there are three varieties.

The quest “Catch and Carry” took us to Half-hill where we had to collect a grain catching sack and head off to the granary in Valley of the Four Winds.

Once we’d spoken to the NPC at the granary – we both quickly worked out that we had to position ourselves over the place where the earth was moving and showing shadows – as that was where the grain sack was going to land and as long as we had used the grain catching sack,  our arms would be outstretched and we would catch the sack of grain.

This is where it started to go a teensy bit pear shaped…


Well, we’ve got the grain, and it says to put it in the wagon.

How hard can this be?

There’s a wagon…

Cue, Zionxi and I both repeatedly running in and out of the wagon next to the NPC, wondering what we’re doing wrong… (had I looked closely at this screenshot I would have immediately spotted my error), but we pressed on undeterred and rather determined to get this quest done.

Zionxi then helpfully suggested that maybe we had to collect all of the grain sacks first, before loading the wagon.

I mentally cheered at her wisdom – as I saw she was able to catch and hold more than one sack of grain.



We soon learned that we couldn’t carry more than five sacks.

Cue more attempts at placing the grain in the wagon that was RIGHT THERE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

I remember saying that I thought there was a Blizzard dev watching and laughing his butt off at us, and doing an *evil laugh* at his masterful quest design that was so obviously thwarting our attempts to progress.

Suddenly it dawns on me that, “Hmm, perhaps we have the wrong wagon, this one *does* look a bit broken.”  So I swivel my camera angle around and burst out laughing.

Like the neon green flashing bouncing arrow wasn’t enough to show us what to do! (facepalm)



It’s this wagon on the hill!

So in a nutshell, if you try to mount or take any damage you lose the bags you’re holding, but any other sprint/blink/roll/aspect of the pack moves will work here. It was rather funny to use chi-torpedo, and seemingly miraculously not drop 5 sacks of grain, but nonetheless I’m glad these spells worked!

I’m now writing a quick guide for anyone else who wants to learn Noodle Carts from start to finish. I hope to have that published tomorrow!

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  1. loewen

    lol, i did this EXACT same thing haha

  2. Ella Minns

    Haha! This was so funny! And there are screenshots almost exactly like this on mine!

  3. Legolene

    Sometimes the quest completion things are so obvious, but not! Had so much fun doing this.

  4. darkcarnage

    i carried one bag at a time then learned you can carry 5 opps well it was fun at least


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