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Boots of Broken Reliance

Boots of Broken Reliance

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A raid team member whispered me about a pair of boots selling on the BMAH (Black Market Auction House) for 21K.

The heroic version of the Boots of Broken Reliance. (Which I believe is a drop from Norushen)

Then another guildie whispered me about the same boots, saying that there was less than 2 hours left on the auction and to ask why I wasn’t bidding on them?

My problem was that I only had 10K collectively across my handful of characters because I’ve been spending a lot on enchants and mats for gems etc.

Two guildies offered to lend me 10K so that I could place a bid at least and hope for the best. So we flew off to the BMAH before heading off to Siege of Orgrimmar on Normal to focus on getting the Fallen Protectors down. Since I generally earn gold at a pretty steady rate due to several max level professions and a little bit of market strategy, I was confident I’d be able to pay them back within a week or two at most.

So we get the Fallen Protectors down (one guildie who is not in the raid team offered to stay behind at the BMAH and let us know if there was any activity on the bid) when we are about to start on Norushen and the guildie watching said that there was less than 30 minutes to go on the Auction, and that there was some horde activity nearby.

This is where I was completely taken aback by how supportive and awesome my raid team really are – it was collectively decided to wait with Norushen and go and camp out at the BMAH until I’d won the auction, just to be on the safe side.

So we’re all there, when suddenly there are like 6 minutes left on the auction when this horde monk pops up seemingly out of nowhere, stuns me (standing right at the NPC) and places a bid 10K over mine.

It turns out that it was the same w*nker that outbid another guildie the other day by like 25K (on heroic plate boots – on a monk…knob). This dumb hordie seems to only want to screw people over, by massively outbidding them so that the items just cost more than they should.

What would a Brewmaster/Windwalker monk want with boots with Intellect, Spirit and Crit on them?

Yeah, nothing.

Suddenly the cost of the boots was 31 600!! Which I clearly didn’t have – and I now had less than 6 minutes to get to a mailbox, retrieve the gold I’d just been refunded and try and make a plan.

Suddenly guildies and my raid team were all trading me simultaneously, this deluge of gold poured in, and then my raid team repeatedly ganked that stupid monk hordie, everytime he came remotely near the BMAH.  Anabasis, Preditah, Xenthos putting lump sums in and Roskva you legend, putting 25K in my bag exactly at the right moment so that I could place the winning bid and less than a minute later win those boots!

I will be forever grateful!!

I am now the proud owner of the Heroic version of the Boots of Broken Reliance, and Angerfisty, you noob, who spent 50K on a pair of plate boots just to try and screw over my fellow guildie (and getting suckered – hahah) have nothing but your stinky tosser like behaviour to deal with and the knowledge that an entire raid team, who enjoys PVPing knows your name and is coming for you.

Your days on the D-maw are n.u.m.b.e.r.e.d.

Also, look at my boots, un-transmogged in all their glory…so pretty!

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