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Does Azeroth have two suns?

Does Azeroth have two suns?

I play Wow, at certain times of day which often coincides around sunset (in the game).

It’s always a beautiful site, coming back to Stormwind at the end of some intense questing, to see the sun setting over the horizon from old town.

If I’m a little later coming back to the AH to sell off my wares, to the moon rise over the Valley of Heroes.

Then, for the first time, the other morning, I was playing in the early morning, around sun rise. I saw in-game conditions that mimicked the sunset.

Now from a technical perspective, I’m sure that the game ‘environment’ probably has settings that emulate a “dusk or dawn” time, as well as “night-time” and “day-time” ¬†– it would be incredibly difficult to emulate light sources in a game environment that copied real life exactly. (Although I’m sure that there are some developers at Blizzard that would love to do just this, it must be hugely resource heavy to try ).

But the other day, I noticed something. I was flying to the Trade District in SW at around mid day, and I saw this…

See the sun (moon?) rising behind the mountain?

I stopped actively moving forward and instead swivelled the camera view (click and drag on your screen during gameplay for this effect) to look above me and I saw this…

It was like a great old episode that I saw once, of the Twilight Zone, where this guy can’t understand why his life didn’t make sense, and he’s looking out of the phone booth up into the sky, when he sees three moons, and realises that he’s clearly not on Earth anymore.

So I was just wondering, does Azeroth have two suns?

What do you think?

Remember to leave a comment with your thoughts!

p.s. that’s the Obsidian Nightwing that you get as a reward for introducing a new player. It’s such a nifty little mount I love using in a battleground, especially since people can’t resist jumping on you for the free ride, which usually means that I have at least one person happy to go along with my battle strategy, and it works well when I’m playing my priest and heal them so that we can take bases in Arathi Basin etc.

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