My Plan for Professions in Legion

professions in Legion

Preparing for my professions in Legion, will be quite different to Warlords of Draenor. The Gold Queen has written an excellent post on the latest news from Beta, regarding the news that a crafting reagent known as the Blood of Sargeras will be Bind on Pickup. Please read it to be …


Lunarfall Excavation: Mining without the Mining Profession


The Lunarfall Excavation is the fancy name for your Garrisons Mine. Lunarfall Excavation unlocks at Level 92, with the opening quest (available from the conveniently located NPC outside the mine), called Things are not Goren our way. Simply proceed to eradicate the hostile npc’s (Lunarfall Goren) from your mine, and …


Preparation for Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar

patch 5.4 the siege of orgrimmar

What are you doing to prepare for Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar? There are a lot of options here depending on your play style and what you want to achieve. This is the first time, since I started playing, that I’ve greeted a new patch with more than a, “Oh …


World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: War of the Worlds


I went out looking to increase my Night Elf Priests’ mining skill level, to get in line with the instances* we’re doing at the moment, because I hate missing out on a mining opportunity in an instance, due to too low a mining skill. So off I went to Outland …


Mining Mithril in World of Warcraft


Hey all I’ve been going through a process with the various characters that I play on World of Warcraft – in that I’m setting up each character with professions, that will either supply the higher level characters with raw materials, or to supply themselves – with one manufacturing profession as …