World of Warcraft Popular Movie References: Indiana Jones

Harrison Jones

One of the things I love about playing World of Warcraft, is discovering new popular movie references that they’ve built into the game. For example, I was questing in Uldum (southernmost area of Kalimdor), an area which bears a striking resemblance to ancient Egypt, with plenty of Obelisks, ancient temples …


More Epic Raid Screenshots – Courtesy of Zionxi


Zionxi kindly emailed me her screenshots from last nights epic raid! It was great to relive them this morning – and to re-read the conversation to see how high everyone’s spirits were. Everyone piled on the tower waiting for our last few minutes of res sickness to lift before hitting …


Best Raid EVER!


Tonight we, the Alliance fought and defeated no fewer than FOUR Horde bosses at Ogrimmar, Silvermoon City, Undercity and Thunderbluff. The Dragonmaw server has long since seen such epic battles! The evening started with a group of around 20 horde cronies trying to invade King Varians keep, however, they were …