Transmogpocalypse! Making Gold Before Legion

Gold Stash

Making Gold before Legion is easier than ever, but be prepared!   You can start now You need to start preparing for the Gold Rush in 7.0 NOW. Blizzard are implementing a much desired, and long awaited feature, namely the Transmog Wardrobe, a feature which will allow you to visually …


Lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft


Today the guards of Stormwind and Orgrimmar were all equipped with a lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft, as homage to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens which was released worldwide this week. This guard (er… Jedi) was posted right outside the Auction House in the Trade District of Stormwind. I …


World of Warcraft Archaeology : The Underutilised Goldmine


Have you been ignoring World of Warcraft Archaeology since Cataclysm? I ignored it completely until I spent 14 months in Siege of Orgrimmar and I was looking for something to do. (Also it probably didn’t help that I had no idea how to do it – and everytime that telescopey thing …


It’s time to talk about extreme feels of The Legion Cinematic


It’s time to talk about the feels of the Legion Cinematic… This was played for the first time, at Blizzcon 2015. I was so hyped watching the live stream via the virtual ticket, and all the new things coming to the various Blizzard games, that by the time Chris Metzen …


The Warcraft Movie


When the Warcraft Movie project was officially re-announced, I wrote a light hearted post, about who I would cast in the leading roles of the Warcraft Movie. At the time, we had no details of what part of the Warcraft story the movie would cover, so I based it on …