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World of Warcraft: Glossary

When I started playing, I was totally bewildered by the number of acronyms and terms the players seemed to use.

So I started figuring them out, and listing them here. (Constantly updated)

In alphabetical order for ease of reference.

ABArathi Basin (a battleground where teams try to capture bases to control resources, one of my favourites)

  • includes GM (gold mine), F (farm), LM (lumber mill) and ST (stables) also GY (graveyard)

AFK – Acronym meaning “away from keyboard” – e.g. “He’s gone afk to answer the door”

AFAIK – Acronym meaing “as far as I know”

AGGRO – If a player has ‘aggro’ that means that the enemy is currently focussed on them. (in groups, tanks should have aggro)

AH – Auction House (place near which many players will hang out and conduct business between raids and battlegrounds etc.

AV – Alterac Valley (a battleground where large teams compete for reinforcements, take over towers and try to defeat two bosses)

BELF – Blood Elf

BMAH – Black Market Auction House (in Pandaria for high-end items typically costing more than 10K)

BRF – Blackrock Foundry (Tier 17 Raid – Warlords of Draenor)

Cata – Cataclysm, World of Warcraft expansion number 3

DK – Deathknight (class in World of Warcraft)

DoT – Damage over Time, spells that are cast on an enemy that create damage over time instead of in one big swoop.

DPSDamage-per-second (also known as “damage” – a role that you assume during a dungeon, battleground, raid or group quest).

GANK – When a player of a higher level kills a lower level player from the opposite faction repeatedly

Hc – Heroic – can refer to dungeons or raids.

HM – Highmaul (First raid of Warlords of Draenor)

HoT – Heals over Time, spells that heal a player over a period of time.

IDK – Acronym meaning “I don’t know”

IKR! – Acronym meaning ” I know right!?” – used as an affirmative response to something like, “OMG this boss is such a pain”

IOC – Isle of Conquest (battleground)

IMHO – Acronym meaning “in my humble opinion”

IoT – Isle of Thunder (patch 5.3) – Island off the Coast of Townlong Steppes in Pandaria

LFM – Acronym meaning ‘looking for more’ – seen in general chat when players are trying to form groups (e.g. LFM 1 healer)

MoP – Mists of Pandaria – World of Warcraft expansion number 4

MSV – Mogushan Vaults (early Mists of Pandaria raid, popular for trying to obtain the extremely rare Elegon Mount)

NELF – Night Elf

NEWB – used to describe a player new to the game (not to be confused with NOOB)

NPCNon-player-character (i.e. part of the game artificial intelligence, not a human player)

NOOB – player new to the game who behaves in a way that annoys other more seasoned players who already know the rules, player behaves poorly when shown the right way

OP – Overpowered. e.g. DK’s are OP right now.

Org – Orgrimmar – Horde capital city in Durotar, Kalimdor

Pull – the action of drawing the enemy nearer through engaging them in combat. (In organised groups this is the job of the Tank)

PVE – Player vs Environment (Dungeons, Raids, Questing, Scenarios) – awards Justice Points and Valor Points.

PVP – Player vs Player (Battlegrounds, Arenas) – awards Honor Points and Conquest Points.

RBG – Rated Battleground ( a battleground that earns you a rating with 2 preformed teams, and competing for conquest points)

RNG – Acronym meaning Random Number Generator – used (as an excuse) to explain all those random things that can happen while raiding usually resulting in a wipe/or death of a character mid-fight

RP – Role playing (when a person plays a character – and acts AS that character, not just as themselves playing that character)

SoO – Siege of Orgrimmar (Raid added in Patch 5.4)

SW – Stormwind (human alliance capital city e.g. I’m in SW at the AH)

TANK – Player designed to take heavy damage, who occupies the attention of the Boss while the rest of the group dps or heal.

TB – Tol Barad (a PVP battleground you can access from maximum level – and also an area with daily quests just next to it)

TBC – The Burning Crusade – World of Warcraft Expansion number 1

ToES – Terrace of Endless Spring – Mists of Pandaria Raid

ToTFW – Throne of the Four Winds – Cataclysm Raid

ToT – Throne of Thunder  – Mists of Pandaria raid

TRANSMOG – The ability to make one piece of gear that looks like another (great for avoiding nasty looking gear) available for items ilvl 60 and up.

TRANSMOG RUN – group of players ‘run through’ a lower level instance in order to score gear that looks different and then use this for ‘TRANSMOG’

WoD – Warlords of Draenor – World of Warcraft expansion number 5 (release date 13 November 2014)

WoTLK – Wrath of the Lich King – World of Warcraft expansion number 2

WoW – haha, “World of Warcraft”

WG – Wintergrasp – Battleground in Northrend, be careful flying over here when there is a battle in progress or you will be dismounted.

WSG – Warsong Gulch (a battleground where you try and capture the flag from the opposing teams’ base and carry it back to your own)

  • You will see references to FC (flag carrier) and EFC (enemy flag carrier) in this battleground.

WTB – Want to buy (insert item here – usually spammed in trade chat)

WTS – Want to sell (insert item here – again – usually seen in trade/general city chat)


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