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Author: Artenesse

Moira Moments on Live

Moira Moments on Live! Moira was announced at Blizzcon, and here are some of my favourite gameplay ‘Moira Moments’ with her so far. I find her extremely versatile as a support hero.  While she’s new to live servers, many players are still figuring out how to counter her, especially her ultimate ability. This means that there are ample opportunities to swan in and collect multiple gold medals. The professionals are saying that she’s not suited for a ‘dive comp’ but it really depends on your level of skill as to how effective she’s going to be (and the skill...

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Movie Moments in World of Warcraft – Artenesse of Uldum

Many times in WoW, I find a place, or an NPC, or a *thing* that instantly transports me to a movie that I’ve seen, there are so many movie moments in World of Warcraft! Then my brain just goes on a mission of its own and for the next two minutes (ok 10 minutes) I’m in a daydream, that looks like this video I made. I know that Egypt (aka Uldum) isn’t ‘Arabia’ strictly speaking, but there was sand, and camels and stuff and my brain did this ok? Blame my brain. When I was uploading the video, and...

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New Overwatch Support Hero – Moira

I love playing an Overwatch Support Hero! Call me a girl gamer, who is a total cliché but I don’t care. I love them. So at Blizzcon 2017 when they announced a new Overwatch support hero, I was thrilled! Say hello to New Overwatch Support Hero Moira… This is her origin story… So a couple of things are clear: In the early days she was a member of Overwatch’s covert division (Blackwatch), but a thirst for power and research unfettered by the constraints of morality led her down the path to Talon (along with other former Blackwatch members). She...

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Submit Suggestions to Blizzard

Did you know there is an option to submit suggestions to Blizzard, through the World of Warcraft interface? It’s right here! First click on the help button, at the top of this menu (which you access by hitting Escape, while in-game). Game Menu Then you see the following menu below: (select Submit Suggestion from the left hand menu to see the screen that is shown). Help Menu Whenever I have had a lightbulb moment, I submit my ideas as clearly as I can. I have never for one moment thought that if I made a suggestion, they would all...

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Heroes of the Storm – Dragons of the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm was always my ‘go-to’ game whenever there was a content drought in World of Warcraft. The last year of Warlords of Draenor would find many a guildie and I firing up some HotS to keep busy, even the ones who swore they’d never play another MOBA* after being burned by League of Legends. It is familiar because of the cross-over characters. It has an easy format of 5v5.  It is right there on the battle net launcher and has endless replayability. Then Blizzard released Overwatch, and that has taken up all my spare gaming time....

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Blizzard Developers Trolled Us Hard – World of Warcraft Cinematic

Blizzcon 2017 was this past weekend, and they brought the hype! Whenever there has been an expansion announcement, it has been central to the opening ceremonies. This time, they played things a little differently. They trolled us, and boy did they troll us hard. After Mike Morheim’s opening speech, they handed the baton over to Heroes of the Storm, then Hearthstone, then Overwatch. I was eyeballing the clock, wondering if they were ever going to announce ANYTHING relating to Warcraft – because it seemed as though the bulk of the time had been spent on the other IPs. FINALLY J....

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Should You Re-Sub to World of Warcraft?

Should you re-sub to World of Warcraft? Yes…yes…a thousand times yes. (Name that movie). Frankly I’m not sure why people ever unsub, but they do, and I’m just standing up to say – that now is as good a time than ever to join in the fun. Here’s why: Alliance vs Horde has been given a shot in the arm. Collaboration has failed, and both sides are in open war. So after all the hand-holding and kumbai-ya singing around the Fel-campfire what happened? Hold onto your silkweave leggings because you need to see this: So – the horde have...

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Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet

Hunter Class Mount Matching Pet Did you know that you can tame a hunter pet that matches the hunter class mount? Once you’ve gotten your first hunter class mount, getting a matching pet is what any self-respecting hunter must do! The first thing you need to do, is talk to the stable master in your class order hall. She sells an item called Tome of the Hybrid Beast This teaches you the spell how to tame feathermanes, which includes hippogrphys, gryphons, owlcats, wolfhawks and wyverns. It is essential if you want your hunter class mount matching pet. Once you...

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