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WoW Classic Launches Tonight

WoW Classic Launches Tonight

So WoW Classic Launches Tonight and I’m probably at Mach 1 in terms of hype levels.

I’d be at Mach 5 if it were a retail expansion launch – but since it’s a WoW universe event about which the community is quite excited – I’m joining in the fun and I’ll be staying up to see if servers can handle the massive influx.

My choice of which class to play has come down to the last minute…I was so torn on what to do!

Do I play a druid (since I’m maining a druid on retail) ?

Do I play something that according to Vanilla experts will ‘do well’ ? i.e. Mage

In the end I decided to push myself WELL OUT of my comfort zone.


I picked Undead Warlock!

My thinking is that a) having a pet will be good for leveling and trying to solo slightly more difficult mobs and b) healthstones.

Now I just have to bear in mind…grinding out Soulshards – LOL.  Here’s to trying new (old) things! *clinks glass*

I mentioned before that I’ll be joining @taliesinevitel’s guild on Zandalar Tribe (EU) and since they’ve gone horde, I chose to do the same – to give myself a completely fresh experience.

I’m looking forward to just adventuring again – since I’m not planning on racing to level 60 – I’m in it for the journey. I will however be tuning into @Methodgg‘s live streams from Las Vegas and enjoying all the community hype around racing to Level 60 and just enjoying the World of Warcraft festivities.

Just because Classic isn’t my main ‘jam’ – doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the spotlight on our little part of the pop culture universe.

Happy adventuring internet friends!








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